Trace a Website or Server Route from Computers in Different locations.

Its a common misconception that when we enter any web-address, we directly connect to the server which hosts that webpage. In fact, whenever an webpage is requested, the request passes from different servers and finally reaches the destination server where that page is located. So it is important to know, which servers are functioning better than the other to diagnose any errors during accessing any Website. Also, if you are the owner of any website, it is your prime responsibility to know which countries ban your website (from being requested) from their servers.

just-tracerouteTraceroute command in windows helps you to know the time required by your computer to reach any website. Just-Traceroute is a new web-service which allows you to run the traceroute command in windows online. But the best part of this service is that the command runs parallel to four different servers located in Singapore, US, Netherlands and Australia. The results of Just-traceroute can be forwarded to anyone via Email without having to copy-paste the data even once.

Just-Ping is another such utility which allows you to undertake a web-based ping for a server or a website using their network with 30 checkpoints worldwide. This gives you a fair idea about which countries do not give proper access to your website(might be server problems). Recently there were cases where some of the Website where banned in China. Just-Ping came handy in that circumstances.

Thanks Amit