Fastest search for Domain Names(Available or for Sale)

Whenever in need of a Domain name we first rush to Godaddy or other domain seller(Registrar) which allows us to check weather a particular domain in which we are interested in is available or not. But the problem with the search engines of these particular sites searching domain names are quite very slow(the results are returned very slowly) So we bring before you the fastest way to search for any domain name.

We always wish to see weather a particular suffix for our expected domain is available or not. is available or

Domize gives you all information regarding the availability of a domain name. You just have to enter any name and you get to see all the available as well as unavailable domains related to this domain name. Example: If you enter Rohit then you get to see weather rohit, rohi or roh named domains are available or not. Also we get to know about the suffixes for each of these three domains.

You can also select which registrar’s directory you wish to search. Thumbnails of unavailable domains can also be viewed at the same place.

Checking of unavailable domain names which are for sale can be done by specifying appropriate preferences.But this type of search is a bit slower. Anyways it helps us to do a troublesome job at a single place and that too quite faster than average.