Most Important Places in a Website for SEO

All of us desire high rankings in search engines, and Google being the most widely used search engine, we concentrate more on it. Also we must not forget other search engines like MSN , Yahoo and other Second-Tier Search engines for optimization. Talking about Google, we must first consider the functioning of its Web-Crawler (or Web Spider) which indexes all websites and assigns Google Search engine Rankings to Them.

The main point to consider regarding SEO of Google is that the Google Crawler gives maximum importance (maximum priority) to the First and the Last Links in the Webpage.

Mostly webpages contain their Home-Link that is the link to their Homepage as their First link. Now, How will you identify the First link in your WebPage? Just Open Your Webpage and Right Click on it. You will find an Option Saying-View Page Source. Click on it. The source code of your webpage is now open. Find the first Instance of the A href tag. If it contains a link to your Homepage then its Good or else change your template or edit it so that your Homepage is the First link in your Webpage.

After allotting the First link in the Webpage to your Homepage, Google crawler will successfully give more preference of indexing to your Homepage.

Now come to the Footer of your WebPage. Carry out the same procedure as described above for the Last link. If you find that the Last link is something different than your Website Home Page, Your About-Me Page, or Your Website Site-Map then changing it is a Good option.

Many-a-times Hosting Services and Template designers Keep their Links as the Last links while designing the Web-Template. So, they get additional priority in Google Listings as Google Crawler scans their link with more priority. So you loose out on the Much-Needed SEO while they Gain it.

It is also observed that mostly the Copyright Notice consumes the last link of your Webpage. If the Link points to Your Homepage, then it Good but pointing it to some other page is not advised.

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