Want to improve your brain activity? Surf the Internet

Till date, many surveys have been carried out on the functioning of our brain and they have revealed that its efficiency increases proportionally to how much we engage it. The more we stress our brain the more efficient it becomes and the memory sharpens up. So what are we supposed to do for sharpening our memory and keeping our brain in proper functioning? Should we give up all our boring jobs and try to find some challenges for our brain? No need for all this…Just Surf the Internet!

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles carried out a survey on a group of 24 people, a dozen among them were Internet savvy while the other half had no Internet experience. Both groups were asked to do Internet searches and Book reading tasks while their Brain activity was monitored.

Their brain activity were monitored by MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scans which is quite an accurate tool for this purpose, to minimize the chances of erroneous conclusions.

One of the researcher Mr.Gary Small said, “What we saw was people who had internet experience used more of their brain during the search. We found that in the Book reading task, the visual cortex-the part of brain that controls reading and language- was activated. In doing the Internet search task, there was much greater brain activity, but only in Internet savvy group.”

This shows that People who are familiar with the Internet and take interest in Surfing engage in much deeper level of Brain Activity.

In the aging brain, atrophy and reduced cell activity can take a toll on cognitive function. Activities that keep the brain engaged can preserve brain health and thinking ability. Surfing the Internet may be one of those activities.

*Note: The research was carried out on the people from age group 55-76, but it is expected that similar conclusions are valid even for young people. This report is published in American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

So getting going friends, Exercise your brain.Start surfing and searching for different topics! You can start from here on….See the Google search box in the Right!

  • Anonymous

    even though i dont approve tht book readin dont sharpen ur brain…
    both surfing and reading exercise ur brain.it depends mostly on individuals..
    (i love books)but still i must not cheat myself. surfing is much better option (depending on wht one search on…)

  • Tech freak

    My dear friend,
    You have complete right to think whatever you wish, but You should accept the fact that it is successfully proved that Surfing the internet is a better exercise to brain than reading books..Reading books give you everything ready so you dont need to exercise you brain, but surfing makes your brain work in all technical as well as other mental aspects..This is my personal opinion..I support the conclusions of this Research..