View High Resolution,Improved Quality Youtube videos

Bored of those blurry Youtube videos? Why not improve its Quality by watching the same videos is high resolution. Youtube is the most popular video sharing website, but it displays most of the videos(nearly all) in a low resolution, low bandwidth mode for viewability on computers with low bandwidth internet connections.

But many people with high bandwidth internet connections cannot watch high resolution youtube videos. So, it is as good as a sacrifice of High bandwidth users for the low bandwidth users. But now you can switch to high resolution Youtube videos with just a simple hack.

Normally the youtube URL looks like the one below which gives you low resolution 320×240 videos.

Simply add &fmt=6 onto the end of URL

Now you should see high resolution videos. If no change is observed, then it means the video has not been converted to the higher resolution yet. View the video in full screen mode to see the difference. Still if no difference is observed, add &fmt=18 to the end of URL.

Now, the URL will appear as:

When the video is successfully converted to a high bandwidth mode, then the youtube video player will have a small footer as shown in the image saying “Watch in Normal Quality”.

Now it will play high-resolution 480×360 MP4 high-bandwidth videos with higher quality audio when available, otherwise it will play the regular version.
Thanks QOT

  • Navin

    i don’t think this is necessary.

    youtube has an option called “HQ” (high quality) to view videos in higher resolutions.

  • Rohit Sane

    This Post was published prior to the HQ option coming into picture. But, this trick does really work even now for videos which are not originally available in HQ.

  • Computricks

    Really very cool trick. Thanks for sharing this. Your website is very informative.