Optimize Blogger Post URLs for search engines.

WordPress is well known for its SEO plug-in which gives their blogs higher rankings in search engines. One basic necessity in Search Engine Optimisation is the structure of the URL of the Blog-Post. Example: It is on our will, What we want as the URL of the post in the wordpress Blog. i.e. If Your article has the title saying, “Google Is The Best Internet Company In the World.” Then your default Article(Post) URL in WordPress will be like yourblogname.wordpress.com/google-is-the-best-internet-company-in-the-world.html. But you can modify this URL to some thing like yourblogname.wordpress.com/google-best-internet-company-world.html or something completely different then the article title to get rid of unnecessary grammar articles like “the”, “a”, etc for better SEO. This is possible only in WordPress.

Blogger users cannot modify their Blog-Post URLs other than their original Blog titles. i.e. If a Blogger user has written an article with the title “Google Is The Best Internet Company In the World” then his Post URL can be nothing other than yourblogname.blogspot.com/google-is-the-best-internet.html (if you are not using your custom domain). You can clearly find the difference between Blogger and Wordress URL structure if you pay enough attention to the above two examples.

Now How to Overcome this Problem? Its not fair on the part of Blogger users to always stay behind their WordPress counterparts. So I have found out a trick for Blogger users which will help them to modify their Blog-Post URLs (so better Search Engine Optimisation)

Our Aim is to Optimise the Blog post URLs for Search engines. So, we need to put as much keywords in the post URL as possible, but we must bear in mind that excessive keyword stuffing is also harmful from the point of view of search engine rankings.

Step 1 :
Go to the Blog posting page (the page where we compose the blog post). Now write your entire blog article as you wish.
The Main trick lies in entering the Blog-Article title.

Step 2 :
Enter only 5 keywords in the space for the Blog title. But while entering these keywords there are a few things which we should know:
1. Two words separated by space are counted as two different words.
2. Two words separated by commas(,) or slash(/) or full stop(.) or brackets([](){}) are counted as only one word.
3. Two words separated by hyphen(-) are considered as two different words.

Step 3 :
After entering only 5 keywords by following the rules above, Publish your post. Now the published post will appear on your blog with those keywords in the Article title and also in the Blog URL.

Step 4 :
It appears quite insensible to keep only keywords in the Article title, so edit the Blog post title now and enter a Sensible title for your Article. But remember some good tricks for SEO for URLs. Publish the Blog again now.

Step 5 :
You are done and now enjoy better listing in search engines for your targeted keywords.

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    I didn’t know I could do that. Thank you.