What is Adult Content? according to Google

ADULT Content !! What is Adult or Mature content? For a Normal Internet Surfer, it means Pornographic videos and photos, Nudity, Sexual talks, etc. But in the age of King Google, we must understand what is the meaning of Adult Content according to Google.

The terms and conditions of Google Adsense clearly mention that, the site on which the ADs are places must not contain any Adult/Mature or Violent content.(here we will neglect the part relating to Violent content) But Google’s definition of Adult content is a bit different than the one mentioned above.

According to Google, some examples of adult content include, Pornography or Images of sexual acts, Nudity to arouse the viewer or Graphic videos and other fetishes

But wait, Some examples of NON-Adult content (which is allowed by Google Adsense) are Networks for transgender individuals, lesbians, gays, hetrosexual or Nudist networks. Also, networks for educational, medical or clinical purposes which contain Nudity come under this category. BreastFeeding networks, Art containing Nudity or travel network that include nude people on beaches, networks promoting Safe-Sex are also termed as NON-Adult.

As far as I have understood this, Nude pictures/videos which are not ment to sexually arouse the Reader are supposed to be fine. But I dont understand one thing….
What if a person watching a video pertaining to Safe-Sex gets sexually aroused? Why does Google allow such content? Finally a body organ is a body organ, be it for educational purpose or something else!

Please give your comments regarding this issue.

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    Hehe … King Google is not different than the rest of us when it comes to hypocrisy …