Convert your iTouch(iPod Touch) into iPhone 3G for Free

iTouch and iPhone has everyone running after them. Since the launch of iPhone, it has been observed that increasing number of iTouch users are opting for iPhone even after owning an iTouch. No need for wasting your money guys! Just do as I say and you can successfully use your iTouch like an iPhone.

iTouch has all other features of an iPhone but the only feature missing is of a Phone. So, let us add this feature.

The only thing you need to do is to install install an application called Truphone for iTouch. This will let you make calls to other people with iTouch. And the good thing is that you don’t need a SIM card. To be more clear, it is like a Skype program for iTouch, Right ?

The Truphone application is available at the Apple store for free. And also the calls which can be made using this application are also free.

It uses the iTouch’s Wi-Fi connection to carry calls over the Internet to its destination. There’s no monthly line rental, no subscription or other hidden charges. The only thing required is the Wi-Fi connection.

Once Truphone is installed, and with the addition of a microphone adaptor (the Truphone microphone adaptor will be available soon), iPod touch (iTouch) owners can make free calls to other iPod touch or iPhone owners who have the same application installed.

The following features are reportedly coming soon:

° Calling to landlines (PSTN) at low cost (simply set yourself up with a Truphone account).

° Instant messaging to Skype and MSN (free).

° Calling to Skype users (free).

° Calling to MSN users (free).

° Check and set facilities for Twitter (free).

° Check and set facilities for FaceBook (free).

Before signing off, I would also like to bring to your notice that Jajah and Fring offer a similar kind of service.

  • iPhone Kid

    Awesome! I can now upgrade my ipod touch to iphone now. I will try it now and if I success it then I will help my sister to upgrade too. Thanks for the insight. Nice post.

  • Abe Samir

    I’ve installed similar software on my sister’s Itouch with all the features mentioned above, of course draw back are Wifi connections tend to be choppy.