Server2Go: A Portable Web Server

When we use the word Server, most of us are reminded of those High-End machines which can process information like supercomputers. How about carrying your Server in your pocket? Now you have a portable web server that can be run from any storage space in a Windows environment. It can be used from USB devices, removable devices, CDs, DVDs or the hard drive of the computer. Absolutely, no installation is required and it can be run right from the location where it has been placed.

The Server2Go portable web server can be downloaded in various configurations. The various configurations range from an Apache web server to a web hosting server supporting MySQL, SQLite, Pearl and PHP. The configuration describes the type of applications that can be run on the web server. MySQL and PHP support to run the websites are the most commonly needed configurations.

Start the Server2Go web server by double-clicking on the Server2Go.exe executable file in the root directory of the server. This will load the various web server modules and display a start page in the web browser. The pms_config.ini file can be used to change various settings of the web server including the default web browser, the port and whether the modules like MySQL or PHP should be started as well.

The actual files of a website are placed in the htdocs directory of the web server. Loading them can be as easy as pointing your browser to or some sub-directory of it depending on the type of site.

MySQL comes with phpMyAdmin which is accessible from the main interface of the web server. Server2Go offers an uncomplicated way to run a web server, it is especially helpful in environments where software installations are not permitted.

  • JamesM

    I use XAMPP for local PHP development, which I run from a USB flash drive – it’s really useful because I use 4 different computers!