Vista’s AERO effect for Windows XP [Glass and Blurr]

How about Giving your Windows XP, the Windows Vista look? NO NO, I am not talking about the Windows Vista transformation pack or the Windows Vista theme for Windows Xp. I am talking about adding the Aero effect(or Interface) to windows in Xp. Remember the transparency effect in Windows Vista?(see the picture) Yes! Just like that.

Windows Aero is one of the most talked design changes (call it additions) in Windows Vista. Microsoft calls it a more dynamic user-interface system compared to the basic interface system known from Windows XP. Windows Aero actually enhances the look of the working interface in Windows Vista. One of these looks(enhancement) is called Windows Aero Glass. Glass adds translucency to all windows of the operating system. And the Good News is that this Windows Aero Glass feature is now available in Windows XP.

Aero Glass feature for all Windows XP users is made available by the software FastAero. The current version of Fast Aero provides the Glass effect on Windows that are open in Windows XP. Keep in mind that only new windows will display the Windows Aero Glass effect Or just minimize and maximize again while some windows need to be closed and reopened.

The default language of this software is Polish but it can easily be changed in the config.ini to English so that the language line looks like this: language=english.

FastAero gives a better look to Windows in XP but can quite heavy for your PC resources. The other drawback is that it only allows you to Enable or Disable the blur effect.
If you like the look, try it out! Thanks GHacks.

  • Anonymous

    thths sounds cool.
    but r thr any othr benifits?

  • Rohit Sane – Tech freak

    No other benefits man!!
    As you know, only looks matter these days…

  • Navin

    truetransparency is much better than fast aero.
    not only does fast aero use many resources the glassing of windows aint good enough.
    edges of windows are not smooth.

    truetransparency is light weight and provides glassing which is very similar to windows vista.
    only problem is that truetransparency does not provide blur effect.

    hey i am sure u know me.
    I am your classmate from junior coll.
    do u remember me?

  • Rohit Sane

    Of course I remember you! Thanks for commenting. I have not yet checked out, TrueTransparency, so I cant comment on it.

  • Navin

    good to know tht u remember me.
    ya chk out truetransparency for sure.

    and post it too.
    here is the download link:

  • Kyle

    are there any application for Vista Starter to have the GLASS-and-BLUR-effect like FastAero do?