Download Free Web Icons, Logos and Favicons

Many of us spend a lot of time searching for Icons, Logos and Favicons to customize Blogs or for other use. Some are very talented enough to create their own Icons using photo editing Softwares. But what about those who need Free Icons? If you don’t have the skills or the time to create original icons for your website we are presenting you with immense sources on the Web where you can download them for free.

The best way to search for Icons on the web is to use special search engines designed to search Icons in particular.
IconFinder is a search engine to search for icons. Two other Icon search Engines are and

Now we are giving some sites where you can find loads of free Icons:
1) Download more than 300 professionally designed icons for your ASP.NET applications in this collection. ASP.NET Icons

2) Get different types of Icons ranging from Japanese to Environmental. IcoJoy

3) ColorCons give 49 different Icons and each of them are available in 4 different colours. ColorCons

4) A pure hub for downloading Icons. Icons are available in different packs classified on the basis of different specialized themes. Free Media

These icons used to depict various objects like a Calculator or a Camera. Also used for depicting Cut, Copy, Paste and such other operations. UserInterfaceIcons

High Quality icons for various themes. DryIcons

7) Free Icons of themes like: bitsy, silk, mini, flags, mint. FamFamFam

Top quality set of GreyScale icons. GreyScale

9) A set of Icons from Jordan Michael (a web and graphic designer). Icon Packager

10) Icons from the Crystal Clear icon set by Everaldo Coelho. Crystal Clear