Smart tips to Invest and Earn Money through domain names

Recession! Recession! Recession! The markets are falling and it doesn’t make any sense investing in any particular thing at this moment. But let me guarantee you, “Internet is 100% Recession proof !” If you have a little cash and you wish to invest it, then Internet is the place for you. But the point to be remembered is that, your cash is precious and you need to invest it smartly. Dumb investments always fail. Today, I will give you some smart tips to invest in Domain Names.

Good Domain names sold at record-High prices have been regularly making it to the news. Investors purchase the domain names at a minimal cost and then they sell it off to anyone who needs it at a very high price. We can buy most of the First-Hand domain names at about 7-10$. And, let me tell you the average selling price! The average selling price of any domain ranges between 50$ to millions of Dollars. But Don’t be under the impression that you will purchase any Domain name and People will buy it from you at a record-High prices. You need to judge the market value of a Domain name far too earlier then anyone else does, So that it turns to be a Good Investment.

I will give you three tips to be an owner of a High-Priced domain name.

Tip 1:
Keep visiting Good Blogs. Good blogs are Blogs with Good content and which are Increasing continuously. Their traffic and popularity increases. Keep a watch on their URLs! If you find that their Blog URL consists of a subdomain like or, etc. You should consider purchasing all of those, etc. But keep in mind that the highest value is of the .COM domain. If you find that anyone else has already purchased the .COM domain, purchasing the .ORG/NET/INFO, etc is NOT advised.

Many-a-times, Intelligent Bloggers have their Blog-Name different than their Blog URL. In this case Tip 1 can go either way. Take the example of the Best Technology Blogger in India. Amit Agarwal originally had a blog URL, when He wished to purchase a Domain name for his blog, He found that Labnol.COM was already purchased by Someone else. So he purchased, Labnol.ORG and his Blog is currently hosted at In this same example, It should be noted that Amit Agarwal’s Blog is named Digital Inspiration. After a year of hosting the blog on Labnol.ORG , Amit observed that a Lot of his visitors were mistaken about his Blog-URL and they landed up on DigitalInspiration.COM instead of So, He considered Buying the domain digitalinspiration.COM. The owner of this domain demanded more than a 1000$ and Amit did pay that amount after a bit of bargaining. So, it is quite interesting to consider both, the Initial URL and the Website name while investing in the Domain name.(Poor Owner of labnol.COM couldn’t sell his valued Domain name, but just imagine if he would have purchased etc and blocked even those, then he would be surely happy about his investment.)

Tip 2:
Look out for obvious names which are missed by other Domain name Investors. You can always be the lucky first one to discover that a very Good Domain name is still available for purchase. While purchasing domain names in such cases, It should be kept in mind that people love short Domain names rather than long ones. Also, it is advisable to invest in a domain which contains 1/2/3 worded phrase like Domain names Longer than 3 worded phrase do not have a Good market value and do not get sold easily.

Also, some cool Domain extensions are always launched in market. Recently .ME domains created a lot of buzz in the web-world. Just imagine people who purchased domains like “” or “”. They will get a lot of traffic from search engines and yield a Good price in near future.

Tip 3: Now consider that you have tried a lot to figure out Good Domain names and you were rarely able to find them. Its OK friends, failures are the stepping stones to success! I will now Help you a bit and Introduce you with a cool website which publishes very good Domain names EVERYDAY which are still available for First-Hand purchase. HotNameList gives a list of 100 Domain names everyday and also mentions the number of times, the name of the domain is searched on Google in a single month. Many of the Domain Names whose phrases are searched 30,000 to 2,00,000 times in Google per month are still available for Registration. So don’t waste time friends, Go on and Start Investing. Also, after purchasing a Search Engine friendly Domain name you can always park it with ads or start adding some Content to it and monetise it with Google Adsense. HotNameList also shows the estimated Cost-Per-Click rates of the keywords in your Domain Name on Major Search Engines. So, even though if you are not getting offers to sell off your Domain Name, You are earning money from it. Search Engine Friendly Domain-Names yield a lot of traffic, Sometimes even more than some quality popular Blogs and Websites. So, earning Money with them is not really a problem.

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    anyways..i wud like to have a step-by-step guide of getting into “domain name purchasing”..stating right from “setting up a PayPal account”…very detailed everything..

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