How to Rip DVDs? A graphical guide

Extreme Downloaders download Large movies as DVDrips. But these Files are just about 690-700 Mb in size and the quality is unquestionable. If you go out in the market trying to buy the DVD’s of these movies, you will find that each movie fits in a single DVD. Thus, each movie in the DVD is 4.7Gb in size. Also, each movie comprises of 4-5 .vob extension files. So, compressing all these files into a single file of about 700 Mb is quite profitable!

Now, How to go about it? This procedure is called as Ripping of DVDs. 4-5 .vob extension files are Ripped and converted into a single .avi format(in most cases) file, which makes this small file easy for sharing on Internet forums as Torrents or on Peer-to-Peer networks. I am providing you a Graphical Guide for better explanation, so that there is no question left unanswered.

For Ripping DVDs, we will use a software called Vidomi. It is a free program and you can Download Vidomi here. Now, Let us start with a 10-step easy-to-understand Graphical tutorial.

Step #1: Start Vidomi. Firstly you need to find out your main .VOB files that contains the movie only. Do not select any other Menu/Extra .VOB files. Highlight the main movie .VOB files and click Open.

Step #2: After selecting your .Vob files, click on options and then click on video options.

Step #3: Make sure you *Uncheck* Hyper Scale and choose Scale By Pixels and set your Resolution to 640×272. For video codec settings, choose XVID Hybrid (One Pass). Make sure your screen looks exactly like this screenshot and hit OK.

Step #4: Click on Options again and choose Audio Options.

Step #5: Now this can be tricky, so pay attention. If you do not want to change any settings then simply make sure on Lame Min Bitrate is set to 128Kbps or below. But if u want to change your Audio container to MP3, then *Uncheck* Use Lame To Encode ; And click on Select Audio Codec Defaults and look for MPEG Layer-3.

Step #6: Now go to Options and choose Output Size Option.

Step #7: Make sure your screen looks exactly like this Screenshot. However if u want a 2-CDRip, then on Target Size put the value of 1400 MB.

Step #8: Go to Options and pick: Select Source Range..

Step #9: This is a very important step, So do not screw this up! This screen works just like a Video Splitter but it’s main purpose is to select Start and End positions of your Ripped movie. So first click on the 1st bracket and then drag the point all the way to the end and click on the 2nd bracket. Now click Done.

Step #10: Click on Start Encoding. Grab a cup of Coffee/Tea (Even Vodka or Beer will do) and wait patiently while the File encodes for you.

You can check your Statistics anytime you like, it will show you the time remaining and the current progress in Percentage.

Done? Now you can share this file on the Internet or keep it for yourself rather than storing 4-5 files of .VOB format which will eat up 4.7 Gb of your Hard-Drive space.