P2P 2.0: LittleShoot File Sharing in a Browser [Peer-To-Peer]

P2P Client softwares like LimeWire and Ares are the part of our Daily use. We just can’t help ourselves download and share content with our friends. But for using Limewire and Ares, we need to download the Client software in order to use the P2P network. Can you Imagine Limewire running inside your Browser just as a common AJAX website? Adam Fisk, the former lead engineer at LimeWire for 4 years has designed a Web-Application called LittleShoot to overcome all of LimeWire’s shortcomings, from ease of use to legal issues to the underlying technology.

LittleShoot is a standards-based peer-to-peer application that works directly from your browser with the most powerful searching, publishing, and downloading technology available today.

Being similar to LimeWire, LittleShoot is basically a tool for:
1. Publishing (transmitting)
2. Searching (finding new signals)
3. Downloading (receiving)

It is like Google for files instead of web pages!(just an exaggeration)

For using LittleShoot you just need to Download the LittleShoot Plug-in, Install it and you are done.

Now you can start searching for shared content in the peer-to-peer network. Don’t worry, its quite fast. One reason LittleShoot search is fast, is because the LittleShoot plugin caches results. This means when you click through your searches, your browser is usually accessing results information already on your computer instead of going through the Internet again. This makes the search results appear almost instantly!

One cool feature of this P2P marvel is its ability to search other sources for content, like YouTube and Flickr. It can also open files which are not entirely downloaded. So, if you do not like any file then you can just stop the download and look up for something else.

LittleShoot gives you complete authority to publish(i.e. Share) any content which you like. You can also decide when to stop sharing any content. You control your content.

And as in P2P networks, you never need to wait forever for your files to upload to any servers. They just stay right on your computer, with you in control. Your computer is the source for the file. One another good feature is that it is optimized for sharing files in your Locality by recognizing the most efficient sources available. Example: If there’s someone sitting next to you in a cafe with the file you want, LittleShoot immediately recognizes that, and you start getting the file at lightning speed from that person. Work is under progress for keeping traffic within ISPs(for faster sharing)

Lastly, You just don’t need to think about your privacy because, it is in Safe hands. You are not even asked about your email address, what more privacy you want man? You are completely protected from hackers even against brute-force attack with super-tight security.

Now when there doesn’t remain any doubt in your mind regarding this Service, why don’t you just start watering our very own LittleShoot.