Send Mails to Yourself or Others to be delivered in Future

Do you think about your future and plan about it? Do you have any dreams for your future? If you answer any of these questions as YES then today what I am going to introduce to you will surely excite you.

You may have noticed that you plan something for the future and you forget to accomplish that thing when the actual time comes. You set some goals for yourselves but you forget about them when you get an opportunity to achieve them.

Consider this: Today you think that you want to be a professional Blogger and after a few years you find yourself in a completely different environment. When your kids(or anyone else) will ask you about What was the goal of your Life 5 years ago, or What was your dream profession since your childhood, What will you answer? Will you say that you don’t remember? No friends, You should watch your past and then step in the future. We have a lot of memories to cherish and we should not forget them.

How about maintaining a stream of your thoughts which would be delivered to you when you want? Something like: What you think today will be reminded to you whenever you set the time to.

FutureMe and Mail To The Future are two such services which help us do what I explained earlier.

These services allow you to write Emails to yourselves which will be delivered to you when you want. Like in Two years, Ten years, or even after/before that. These services are developed so that you could write yourself a letter to be delivered at a later date.

Both these services basically allow two types of Entries: 1] Private, which cannot be viewed by anyone except for you. And 2] Public, which is open for everyone’s viewing.

A question might come to your mind that what is the guarantee that you will have the same email account in the future. For that purpose it is recommended using an address with some potential for longevity ( Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, or your own domain ). FutureMe also has an account management system so that you can change the addresses of your future letters. (though that’s kind of cheating)

Even though FutureMe allows writing Emails to others which can be delivered later(only registered members-free registration) Mail To The Future is still working on this feature. So what are you waiting for? Start writing your thoughts, So that in future you remember how silly/serious/hilarious and/or heartbreaking you had been!