Free [dot].COM Domain Names

I searched a lot of websites for Good free domain names but couldn’t find any. The available ones where the those with unusual extensions like or , etc. Finally after getting frustrated, when I was just about to give up my search, I came across a website which gives [dot] COM i.e- .COM domain names for Free. There is not a single penny charged when registering or extending the validity of the Domain name.

I spent enough time browsing through HyperWebEnable and reading its Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions properly. I also read some of the reviews of this site on other Blogs like TechPavan. Even though TechPavan only shows the Brighter side of this site [because it is using its service], I will show you both sides of it.

The Things which I found Good:
1. Free .COM of your choice (
2. 1GB of webspace to host your website.
3. Unlimited bandwidth.
4. Unlimited emails (,, etc).
5. Scripts of your choice(Blog,CMS,Forum, etc).
6. Technical support by email for your website.
7. Tips & tricks to improve your page rank and traffic.
8. Free renewal of your domain.
9. No hidden fee or payments [everything is totally free]
10. You can put Ads on your Blog [but in limited amount because HyperWebEnable puts there own too]
11. Full control of your blog and customization as per your needs.
12. Affiliate facility [Refer users to this service and Earn money]

Things that I found tricky and those I didn’t like:
1. They put 2 or 4 Ads on your website depending on your traffic. If you have more than 100 pageviews then they put 2 Ad banners, if lesser PageViews then 4 Ad units.
2. They .COM domain which they give you for use is registered in their name i.e. and not in your name. So you don’t own it [You can just use it].
3. The forth point of the Privacy policy states: User liability – you are liable for all content on your site, including the legality and preservation (i.e. making back-ups) of same. This means there Servers might not be in good condition or they are not trustworthy.
4. The third point of Privacy Policy states: Limitations : Any content on your Web site that is prohibited by the laws of any sovereign state, obscene under the laws of any sovereign state, or otherwise considered by, in its sole discretion, to be offensive, disruptive, obscene, inappropriate or otherwise an administrative burden, may be removed or deleted without any compensation to you. This means that they hold the right to deleting your account if you tend to do anything illegal. It might also be the case that your account is terminated without any strong reason under this condition.
5. It might happen that when your website is flourishing, HyperWebEnable will sell off your domain name for a very high price, Earning a lot of profit for itself. [Remember you don’t own the Domain name so you cannot do anything]
6. You cannot upgrade your platform. Example: If you wish to move to any other platform like WordPress or Movable-Type in near future, then you wont be allowed to do so. You cannot carry the domain name and traffic to your new location.

I know that even though the title of this article suggests about “Free .com domain names”, it could have more precisely been “Review of HyperWebEnable”. Anyways, I hope you guys understand the logic behind such Catchy Article-titles!

  • clickktdotcom

    Thank for commenting on my blog.
    Very interesting infomation.

  • Agent 001

    Huh! The title was a little misleading. I though I was going to get .com domain by contest.

    Sorry its my fault but its a nice find.

  • Athul Jayaram

    even techpavan is hosted by hyperwebenable .. the owner will not do anything without notice

  • Pallab

    I remember this service. They wanted to pay me to review them. They seemed very dodgy to me so I passed on their offer.

  • Blogspot to wordpress

    Hey bro
    That's a very nice review.
    I have read about them long time back and whenever someone ask me for cheap deal I never refer to them because even sometime they seems suspicious to me.

    Though they are just keeping everything clear and when someone is sort of money getting a free domain and hosting is not a bad deal….

  • Javs

    This is useful info and I feel that whether they will provide the .com for free. I have registered and waiting to hear from them.

  • Dissatisfied Customer

    I have used their service. They would be very kind in the beginning. Once you get to know the truth about them, they will stop contacting you and you will lose your domain… For sure… Be aware… Spending 10 bucks on a domain would save you from future disasters. If you are planning to get a dot com domain… Buy it yourselves… Don’t ever do the same mistake I did ppl…

    Anonymous Dissatisfied Customer…

  • Rohit Sane

    @Dissatisfied Customer: I want to say exactly that! Good that you support me..