Gmail’s Undo Send: Stop regretting over wrongly sent mails.

It has happened to me many-a-times. I press the sent button immediately without spell-checking the Email and there are a lot of Typos. It is a very embarrassing situation if that mail is a formal one. It can cost you your job or can even get you in serious trouble. So did you press your Send button without thoroughly checking your mail? Did you forget to attach an important file?

It happens that just after pressing the Send button we realize that we have made some mistakes or we have forgotten an important point in the Email. So Gmail has brought a new feature which will help you hit the panic button if you realize the mistake in your Email within 5 seconds.

Undo Send is the new feature in Gmail Labs under Settings, of you Gmail account.

Normally when you send any email through Gmail you see text saying “Your message sent” , but when you activate the Undo Send feature in Labs, You will get an Undo link for five seconds after hitting the Send button.

Clicking “Undo,” will grab the message before it’s sent and Gmail will take you right back to Compose Section of your Email.

But don’t always rely on it because this feature can’t pull back an email that’s already gone; it just holds your message for five seconds so you have a chance to hit the panic button. So, it is better to check your Mail properly before hitting the Send Button. Use our Tips to Write Better and Effective Emails.

  • Agent 001

    I saw this feature just yesterday in my Gmail. It s nice and much needed.

  • Narendra.s.v

    Its really a great add to people who send mails frequently(including me) 😉

  • madhu

    i had wrongly sent a mail to a person which I want that he should not read it. what shall I do?

  • Rohit Sane

    @madhu: Now you cannot do anything. The only thing you can do is that write another email saying “Sorry”

  • TriForce

    This is really a necessary one for people. Many times it happens that we want to edit something after sending and we have to send another mail for that. This is really helpful and awesome one… :)