Free WordPress Hosting on DreamHost Apps [Review]

Hosting any files online requires Hosting Space. Hosting providers are broadly classified into Free and Premium. The free providers provide the services free of cost and the Premium providers charge money for the same. So, the quality of service provided by Free Web Hosting providers is not upto-the-mark. Premium providers provide fabulous services and rarely we hear any complains against them. DreamHost is one such Premium hosting provider.

DreamHost has started a service named DreamHost Apps, which provides hosting for well known Applications like WordPress, Drupal, phpBB, etc for free. A Premium Hosting provider like Dreamhost providing these services for free and also allowing you to host your Domain name is surely a deal to grab.

I will show you some Pros and Cons of this service.

Pros of DreamHost Apps

  • Best WordPress hosting
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Easy Web-Based Toolbox
  • Free WordPress installation
  • Free WordPress upgrades
  • WordPress-friendly hosting
  • Free subdomain
  • WordPress Optimized servers
  • Easy WordPress Setup(Like Fantastico)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Cons of DreamHost Apps

  • The Terms of Service clearly Mentions – DreamHost may terminate service under this contract at any time, without penalty, at DreamHost’s discretion. This means your hosting is not safe and you can loose your files if DreamHost terminates his service.
  • FTP access is not allowed
  • Only 43 Templates to Choose from in WordPress. You can’t upload your own template.
  • Only a few plug-ins to choose from. You cannot upload and install you own Plug-in.
  • You cannot access the database of your blog
  • You Cannot upgrade the wordpress software yourself. DreamHost staff will do it for you. But they generally take a little time for it.

If you are planning to host your own Domain, then take care that your NameServers point to DreamHost:

Now, After I have showed you the Advantages and Disadvantages, its depends on you to Go for this Hosting or not. But I personally wont recommend it for Professionals because, I know they wont like their hands to be locked in some cases.

  • Blogspot to wordpress

    It sounds more like they are providing wordpress MU
    though for a starter it's no a bad deal but for serious blogging a Big no from my end.

  • Abbas’s technical support is very good..i can clear my doubts whenever i needed.

  • adityahbk

    has this chaged recently? other host are now so good, ftp, templates,etc. ..