Getting Replies to Updates and Traffic to your FaceBook and Twitter profile

It frequently happens that people neglect our Status Updates on popular Social networking websites like FaceBook and Twitter. No-one comments on our status update on FaceBook while no-one Retweets our Updates on Twitter. So, how do we change this situation and become popular and have a good follower base?

Its not that difficult to achieve! People are often irritated by the Crap we write on Social Networking websites. So, how to filter this crap and attract a good amount of people who are actually interested in what you are doing. Unless you are a very well know personality, it takes a little amount of time to get adjusted to the techniques I will tell you, but they will help you for sure!

Why are you creating an Account?

Identify the main intention of you creating an Account in that site. Do you want to promote your Blog or Make Business contacts or Make Casual friends. Identify the main intention properly and then look forward to making friends.

Making a Profile

Fill out as much part of the Profile as possible. Best, If you fill the entire profile. Avoid giving false details of what you are not! In the Personal URL field, give the URL of your Blog or other Social networking profile. Do NOT give URL of Websites you are no-way associated with.

Making contacts

While creating contacts, just remember to make friends only with those whom you find interesting! Get contacts from your Emails, to join you on the Network so that you are not left alone in a gang of total strangers. But sometimes, it works good to be with strangers and make good contacts with them. You may form good contacts and such people may be of good help when you actually need it!

Writing updates

This is among the most important parts of framing your Identity in the Social Network. Write about what you are interested in and what you look forward to look forward in future. Don’t behave like a totally professional person. Sometimes its Good to have some Fun, Crack Jokes, etc. But remember, Do Not cross your limits. Everything in Excess is bad!

Writing Better Updates

Once you are acquainted with the Network, when you get the basic idea of what people around you are interested in and are looking for, Start giving them what they want! This means, Help them in some cases, if possible. Talk about their work, Complement them, Tell them their mistakes, etc. Telling mistakes is the most important part where most people mess up everything! Do not offend anyone while showing their mistakes. Make then feel that you are trying to help them by showing them their mistakes.

Talk about your professional life and what work you are currently doing. Talking about personal topics should be kept minimal. But sometimes, If you find that a person is very emotional or very close to you, then sharing some secrets make them feel Special!
Note: Sharing personal secrets may land you in trouble, So Beware while doing so.

Uploading Photos and Videos

Do not upload Controversial/Obscene photos or Videos. They have a wrong impact on your Image, unless you are promoting yourself in the way you appear in the Pics. Pics must be decent and sometimes Funny. The way you appear in the Pics has a lot to say about yourself! So, be choosy while selecting Pics and Videos to upload. Remember that morphing photos from Social Networking Websites is on the Rise, So BEWARE.

Giving your Opinion

When people update their Status or when Someone sends a Good and Informative Tweet on twitter, make it a point to comment on it and bring it to the notice of other people. ReTweeting shows How Social you are! Commenting on Status Updates on FaceBook also makes people aware that you are interested in them! Conversely, people start taking interest in you when you take interest in them!

Writing Cool Status Updates

Not all updates are worth commenting! The tact of writing updates which attracts comments is very important! So, what makes an update worth commenting?
The update must be Controversial ! Or it must be very funny! It might also be about your weird thinking or about your strategy about the future! It can also be a Sad note where all the people are commenting to make you feel good. But don’t over do this Sad thing, as it might have a bad effect on your friends that you are a SADist.

From now on, your major effort should be to post important Updates which will attract comments and go Viral. I am 100% sure that I have missed a lot of things. Please bring those ones to notice! And if you have a cool new idea, you are always welcome to tell it to us!

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    I'm just unable to understand what twitter does :) Why people go crazy around it.

  • Rohit Sane – Tech freak

    While using Twitter, you have to just Convey your Ideas or What you are doing in less than 140 characters. You can also promote you Blog posts or promote your services and have a very good following base!

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    Thanks Harsh for retweeting. Good that you like it.

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    Hmm! Getting responses on Facebook and Twitter will increase your followers and thus give you exposure and traffic. Nice post.

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    Cool Tips Rohit. I like it!

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