Increase Adsense Earnings by manipulating the Behaviour of Adsense Bot on your Website

All the Bloggers and Web-publishers have the ultimate aim of making high profits on the Internet. So, they monetize their websites with Ads (mostly Google Adsense). Google Adsense is the most popular revenue generating source for most Bloggers. It basically works on the principle that, Google will place Ads relevant to your content on your Blog and when someone clicks on those, you get paid!

This makes bloggers to place more and more Ads on their Blogs to earn maximum profits. But there is no Fixed rate of payment for each Ad click. Each Ad clicked pays differently and It depends on which Ad it is. For Example: If an Ad related to FOREX is clicked then it is supposed to earn more revenue for the Blogger than a Click for a WALLPAPER’s Ad.

Which Ads are to be placed on the Webpage are decided by the Google Adsense Bot after crawling the webpage and understanding the content of that webpage. So, Can we manipulate the Google Adsense Bot to place High-paying Ads on our Web-site?

If we are able to manipulate the behavior of Google Adsense Bot on our website then we can surely make a lot of profit from it! Now let us learn how….

Google Bot crawls the contents of the webpage and tries to figure out the density of different keywords in it. On the basis of density of keywords and other factors like the size of text and stress on some particular points, it decides the approximate content of the Webpage. (Remember that Google has a very smart algorithm to find Content spams, so don’t fill your articles with unnecessary keywords.) After knowing the content of the Webpage, Ads relating to it are placed on it.

Now what makes Google Bot place Low-Paying Ads on some websites?
Some times, it happens that the Bot get confused over the content of the article. For Example: If I write about Forex in the First part of the Article, then I start talking about my personal life and after a while I start talking about different Cars. This will totally confuse the Google Bot and will lead to Low paying Ads being served on the Website.

It happens that many bloggers talk about different things on their Blog. They first start talking about celebrity gossips, then they start taking about Money-Making techniques on the Internet, and sometimes they even talk about their Pet Animals and Personal life. Crawling such a Blog becomes too difficult for a Google Crawler and this leads to Low Paying Ads being served on that Blog. So, even though there are a lot of people clicking Ads on this Blog, the earnings will be quite low.

So, the ultimate conclusion is that we must stick to a particular Niche while writing a blog and not post irrelevant things over it. But always keep in mind that your Visitors are your first priority and sometimes it is good to satisfy your readers rather than focusing on making a lot of Money! So writing off-topic articles, once-in-a-while is acceptable. Keep in mind that using Black-Hat techniques to increase your Adsense earnings may result in your Adsense account being banned, And here we are using a proper way to help the Google Bot crawl our site with ease.

Note: Due to some Technical Difficulties, I have postponed my shift to WordPress by about 8-10 days

  • Agent 001

    Nice tips. It is important to stick to the main blog nice.

  • TechZoomIn

    Hmm Good article dude…All the people clubing blogging and tech niches now.

  • Rohit Sane – Tech freak

    Yes man.. Even I do the same thing! I mix the technology and Blogging niche. But the basic reason for that is because I love Blogging about that..Money comes secondary for me!

  • brettmbell

    Very interesting. I have not done anything with adsense on my site but this is useful information. Thanks and stop by my site again someday.

  • David Shaw

    I don’t think that the Adsense bot can be fooled as such!

    I think that if you write interesting articles that bring in traffic you will earn good money anyway!

  • Jobaer2002

    Now My Web Site Traffic & Adsense Earning Increased!