Many New things Lining-Up [Editorial]

Hey all you friends! I have been out of blogging for 2 months now and its high time I should be back. Just want to say SORRY to all of you, who kept waiting for my Blogging-Return since a long time. Anyways, I was out-of-blogging because of my Engineering Exams which ended on 9th June 2009.
OK, leave it aside! Let me tell you, I have a lot of Cool Tech-Freak Stuff lining up for you in the next few months.

Firstly, I am glad to inform you that Tech-Freak Stuff is finally moving to WordPress and is soon going to be available in a completely new look.

Secondly, I have lot of Cool Tricks and Hacks to unveil and you can get to know about them quite soon.

And last but not the least, Tech-Freak Stuff is soon planning to start hosting Contests and GiveAways for all the readers!

OOPS, I forgot to tell you one Good News. Tech-Freak Stuff is now Page-Rank 1

Note: I am going to resume Hardcore Blogging after 13th June. I am planning to make the Move to WordPress in these three Days.

  • TechZoomIn

    Congrats for your PR1 dude. Waiting to see how u looks in WordPress.

  • Agent 001

    Moving to WP is a good decision. Will be waiting to see the tips and tricks you talk about and your new design.