Watch Multiple Youtube videos in the Same Window

Youtube is most famous Video Broadcasting website in the world. Millions of people watch Videos on this website everyday and most of them are addicted to it! There are a lot of features which Youtube supports and it recently launched the feature to Download Youtube Videos legally from the official website. Earlier, we had also talked about viewing Youtube videos in High Resolution using a Small hack. Youtube also pays you when your Original Videos are viewed by people all over the world.

But one feature which Youtube Power-Users are still missing is the ability to watch Multiple videos in the same Window.

Youtube does not allow watching different videos in the same TAB or Window. You need to open different videos in Different Tabs and watch them. But there is one third-party service which now enables us to watch a maximum of 3 Youtube videos in the Same window! Hence, the service is named You3b.

Now one question which might hit your mind is, How do I listen to the Audio of all the three videos simultaneously? You can’t do that! For your ease, a Mute option is available for each of the three videos. You can Mute any of the videos you wish or even all of them.

You can also save the three videos you Played alongside as a Playlist like thing, but you need to register for that.

I personally liked You3b a lot as I could see all the video of my choice alongside each other. One good thing is that, they have a separate Low BandWidth mode which is only for registered members. And yes, Registration is absolutely free!

So, If you are a YouTube addict then it must not take you a lot of time before thanking me for sharing such a Cool website!

  • Shashank Shekhar

    This is really cool…I didnt know 'bout it..keep on posting such stuffs..


  • Agent 001

    Cool stuff but I prefer opening tabs anyway. I have good Internet speed.

    Come up with some more nice stuffs.

  • S.Pradeep Kumar

    Hey nice post dude ! :)

    Gonna try this ! 😉