Harry Potter Theme-like Personas for Mozilla Firefox

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was among the most awaiting films of its time and all the Harry Potter fans rushed to the movie theaters to have its first look. Warner Bros have given these fans something more to cheer about! Not only the Film was exciting, also, it will be remember for a long time..

Warner Bros have released Theme-like Personas, for Mozilla Firefox so that the crazy Potter fans can have their Hero right in front of them while surfing the Internet! (Sorry, that you cannot put on your Wireless Headphones and hear Harry talk to you)
Harry Potter Theme Persona
A set of four Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Personas for Mozilla Firefox have been released and using them is an Amazing feeling even though I am not a Harry Potter Fan.
Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince personas
You just need to Install the Personas Firefox Add-on which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. (Restart Firefox for completing installation)

Once the Add-On is Installed go to Warner Bros Pictures Gallery where you can find the four amazing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Personas. (More Harry Potter Personas)

Click on Wear This below the Persona you like and you have a completely new look to your favorite Browser. These Personas give a transparent-like look to your Tabs similar to the Windows AERO interface.

Enjoy the Company of Harry Potter while you surf!

  • blinkky

    Harry Potter fan must have this =)

  • S.Pradeep Kumar

    Really cool dude..gonna try it..

    Note : I'm not a HP fan.. but yet.. I like this theme ! :)

  • http://choosyinfo.com Ruchi

    This is really cool , i am going to try too. I am harry potter fan :)

  • http://www.dailytechbuzz.com Tech Buzz

    will load this theme on my FF now :)
    FF is my default browser and i like to modify it with such themes n add-ons

  • James

    I must get it, coz i’m hp fan :)

  • HollyStrike5992

    This is amazing….