5 Major Reasons Why your Twitter Account will be Suspended

Twitter is among the many websites which don’t tolerate Spam! When Twitter finds some suspicious activity on your account, it Red-Flags you and keep a close watch on you. If the suspicious activity continues, your Twitter account is suspended temporarily or Permanently.

But there have been cases, where people think that their account is Suspended for No-Reason. These might me because of Human Errors by people managing the Twitter Suspensions and these people sometimes even accept the Fact that, there takes place erogenous Suspensions. There have been many cases where such Accounts are activated within a short time.

Keeping it all aside, we must know our limits on Twitter. We must try to follow the rules so that the chances of our own account getting suspended are minimized.

Twitter hates Spammers more than anyone else and Suspends the account of the Spammer when suspicious activity is observed on he Account. Now, What things are included in this Suspicious activity? I will tell you 5 such behaviors which will lead twitter to think that you are a Spammer and eventually ban you.

1. Mass Follow or UnFollow

If you follow/unfollow large number of people in a short time span. This happens when you use third-party Twitter applications to gain Followers. It is also caused when you try to be a celebrity even when you are not, by unfollowing your Followers and increasing your Followers to Following ratio within a short time-span.
TIP: Do not follow or unfollow more than 100 people in a single day.

2. Commercial or promotional use of Twitter

Excessive promotion of different money-making schemes or Affiliate products with your Tweets. Posting Advertisements frequently in the Tweets for making money. Trying to Promote yourself by following High-Profile accounts without creating healthy Relationships with them.

3. Following Inappropriate people

There are millions of Spammers out there on Twitter and they try their best to get Followers. Twitter Red-Flags such Spammy accounts, and you might suffer if you follow many of such spammy accounts. You might be regarded as one among them and eventually banned.

There have been cases where Twitter has banned genuine accounts because there were a lot of Spammers following them. This is an Error on Twitter’s part, just remember that this can also happen. So, don’t forget to Block such accounts.

Spammers create multiple Twitter accounts and Follow each other to increase their Followers base to impress genuine users. If a large number of users have blocked you compared to the People following you then you will be regarded as a Spammer.

4. Posting inappropriate content

This is a tricky one! Inappropriate content applies to Racist/Violent content along with Se*ually Explicit content. Tweeting about harsh issues or Offending someone is not allowed. Writing Updates to Show-Up in search results and Publishing other user’s content without attribution is spam.

A large number of unnecessary @replies just to show acquaintance with some account is regarded as Spam. Excessive Linking to irrelevant topics compared to your Tweets (using # tags) and Tweeting the Same post again-and-again is spammy behavior. Disguising the Same link in different Tweets (i.e. writing about one thing but linking to another) may also be considered spam.

5. Phishing and Privacy Breaching

Trying to Impersonated the person you are NOT by misleading, confusing, or deceiving others or posting other people’s private and confidential information is regarded as Privacy Breaching.

Trying to “sell” followers, particularly through tactics considered aggressive is also considered as a forced Effect. Linking to malicious content intended to damage or disrupt another user’s browser or computer is considered as a Malicious behavior while Registering popular UserNames just for the sake of Blocking others from using it is also regarded as fraud.

These five reasons are among the leading causes of Twitter accounts getting suspended. Take Care that your account doesn’t get banned because of these reasons. You can also enlighten us with some other reasons which lead to Twitter accounts being suspended.

  • khalid

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  • Rohit Sane – Tech freak

    I am very happy that you commented on my Blog. Thanks a lot! I had visited you blog before too but the only problem with it is we need to register to your Bog for commenting which is an irritating task. Keep a normal text area to post comments and frankly speaking you will get lots of those because you already have good content. Take Care. Keep visiting!

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  • Agent 001

    You need to take care of your Twitter account. There are so many people following you. it will be a great loss.

  • Rohit Sane – Tech freak

    Yes Agent! You are correct, it will be a great loss to an established twitter account if it gets suspended.

  • Arun

    and one more reason may be due to posting large number of tweets(15-20) with in an hour for there business purpose i think so.. not sure about it.

  • Rohit Sane – Tech freak

    Posting 15-20 tweets in an hour is very common for many tweeters. I read somewhere that posting more than 500 tweets in a single 24 hour period is not allowed.

  • http://www.techvorm.com Paritosh

    I don’t think posting explicit content gets you banned on twitter. There are number of people tweeting explicit words/things on twitter.

  • http://techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @Paritosh: Explicit content doesn’t get you banned. But it red flags you and your account may be terminated anytime henceforward

  • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish @ TechieMania

    I don’t think more than 100 follow/nofollow can be considered as a massive thing in twitter. I do nearly 300 follow/nofollow’s in twitter. So according to me anything which is greater than my numbers will be considered as massive follow in twitter. Well this is my opinion and everyone has their’s.