Tech-Freak Stuff moves to WordPress with a Completely new Theme

It has been long since I have been planning to make the final move, and finally the day has come! Tech-Freak Stuff moves to WordPress with a total revamp. I have been talking to a lot of people regarding my move to WordPress, but finally I myself somehow managed to migrate Tech-Freak Stuff. I hope you guys like the new look!

This new theme is designed by a Friend whom I met on Twitter: Shashank Mishra.

This is just a note to all our Beloved Readers who have always supported me and Helped me with my doubts regarding Small and Big issues. The detailed story of the Blogger to WordPress migration is coming soon.

Note: This theme is still Under Construction so there are a lot of bugs. Please report all the Bugs that you figure out in the Comments Section of this post. Thanks!!

  • Ninad

    Cool template ……….. Now you will get more visitors ………. I m going to tell everybody in my college about ur site ……….

  • Rohit Sane

    Thanks a lot! I hope to take this Blog to a new level now!

  • Tech @ InkAPoint

    Happy to hear that now you are enjoying with WordPress.

  • Swashata

    Cool! I like the new theme and new platform! I too have been working with WP since last few days and I must say that it is the best platform for blogging!
    Wish you all the best :)

  • TechZoomIn

    Great dude…Good looking….You don’t need to worry about the theme at all..its looking good enough…

  • Kas

    U Rock! Dude, keep it up.

  • Ruchi

    Your Theme is nice.

  • S.Pradeep Kumar

    Congrats on shifting buddy ! 😉

    Welcome to the WordPress world and this theme is really nice.. cheers !

  • George Serradinho


    WP is a great blogging platform and I’m sure you will find it easy to make changes and keep your readers entertained. I would like to know if there were any issues or problems when you moved over.

    Your theme is great. It’s simple and does not have to many distractions.

  • Rohit Sane

    There were no issues as such! But I am still not able to ping my Blog properly! It shows 100% packet loss, even though people all over the world are able to view it with ease.

  • Prasanth Chandra

    Cool theme. Nice design. I like the base theme you used for this.

  • Raju

    The theme is nice and loads pretty fast. Only problem I see is that the comment submission takes a lot of time, may be because of some plugin?

  • Extreme John

    Even though Im a noob here I still love the look it’s super clean and I think your going to love WordPress, I know I do.

  • Compute Live

    WordPress is a awesome platform..I used to have account on blogger..but my that account was compromised and then I had to start from the scratch..So i decided to do it with WordPress..and I`m loving it here…Good Luck!

  • Marlene

    This theme does fit your blog niche. It’s clean and simple to navigate. You’ve done the right thing by moving to WordPress.

  • Suneel

    This theme looks fine.

    And it resembles the theme of labnol[dot]org

    Doesn’t it?

  • Rohit Sane

    @Suneel: I does resemble the theme of Digital Inspiration.

  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    The theme looks nice and clean. But why don’t u go for thesis. I think thesis is the best wordpress theme out there with number of benefits. Think about it mate.