My Friendship Day gift for all of you. Tech-Freak Stuff turns Do-Follow!

dofollow comments logoTech-Freak Stuff is already attracting a good amount of traffic and also a lot of Love from its Blog commenters. I always got a feeling that I am doing nothing for my readers, and now I got a chance. After shifting to WordPress, I saw a good rise in traffic and a tremendous rise in Blog comments. So, I was just waiting for this occasion to Thank my Blog Lovers and the loyal readers.

So, today on account of FriendShip Day, I Thank you all and look forward to your increased participation on my Blog. I have a gift for you all, I have converted Tech-Freak Stuff into Do-Follow!

But there are just two simple rules you need to follow and you will get a lot of link juice!! Do not write one line comments like “Nice post” or ” Great Tips and Tricks”. And do not write self-promotional comments. Such comments will be deleted without any consideration about the person posting it. If some part of your comment appear to be self promotional, I might consider it and delete the promotional part only.

Also, remember that your Comment links will become Do-Follow only after you post 3 10 Good comments on Tech-Freak Stuff. How did you like my Gift? Love you all and Happy FriendShip Day!!

Update: It came to my notice that most spammers post 3 proper comments on my blog and get a Do-Follow link back to their Spam website. It was causing problems for me in Search Engine rankings. So, I have changed that limit to 10.

  • Jai

    Spammers always find a way to crack things.. it is their primary rule.. anyways good initiative..

  • Teknolojik Haber

    thank you for this news, awasome blog

  • TechTushar

    I checked the page source. Almost all the comments are nofollow. Please tell me how to get dofollow comments?

  • Phone Buff

    Thanks for the gift! I think it was a good idea making the limit 10 before the links become do follow to prevent spammers that comment for no reason other than the link juice and add no value to the conversation.

  • marinade

    Just as @TechTushar mentioned, i find all the comments are nofollow, too. How do you fix this?

  • Ralph Jones

    I’m not sure how it helps your seo, I thought it only helped the comments SEO?

  • Mary

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Bettertravel agency

    Thanks a lot……… but i cannot understand plugin name??? can any any one say

  • GamerDiehard

    I really appreciate your idea of comments, since the Google is making mess of internet creating wild animals like Panda and Penguin, I was just hoping that what will happen if Tiger update will release? If lazy animal like Panda and little Penguin can create such disaster than Tiger is going to eat us all!

    Well, apart from joke I just like to say that supportive nature can play vital role these days. And thanks to you that you stood or I must say that dare to provide Do-follow attribute even after 10 posts is really appreciating.

  • Imran

    This is awesome. Happy friendship day buddy. and thanks for this effort and a nice gift by making the links dofollow.

  • Avoid foreclosure

    Hey Thanks a ton Rohit ! You are best. DO follow blogging is the best blogging from my point of view. Keep Updating.

  • private villas for rent in goa

    Iā€™m not sure how it helps your seo, I thought it only helped the comments SEO?

  • kate tiozon

    yahahahahaha!! you got me…i thought i can ravenge now!!!

  • Brian Zalewski

    This is great news! I will definitely contribute comments on your blog.

  • Frank The Tank

    maybe i should use the same System, and tell every Visitor of my Blog thats Comments on my Blog are DoFollow too. Thanx for this idea.

    Greetz from Germany
    yours Frank

  • Cumparaturi

    so do i! šŸ˜›

  • Emmanuel Uduezue

    Thanks for this gift. I like your blog content especially the dofollow article directory. Keep up the good work on this blog.

  • Atul Kumar Pandey

    Very very much thanks for this Gift. I think every comment will sure like to put their opinion on your blog without any limits.

  • dekorasyon

    thank you for this news, awasome blog

  • Prajwal

    Wow thanks for the dofollow option on your blog.TIme to make some backlinks i guess :)