Useful Tips for Writing Good Blog Comments

Blog comments are a major factor in deciding the quality and the authority of a blog. So, every blogger is keen to have good comments on his/her blog. But, it is to be remembered as a rule of nature that for achieving anything we need to invest something. So, for getting good comments on your Blog you must leave good comments on other blogs.

So, how to write good comments? Here are some tips:

Commenting on other blogs

1. Do not criticize the article. If you find any mistakes then mail those to the author or mention them in a humble way.

2. Do not argue and stay adamant. Be open in the discussion and try to understand what is being discussed.

3. Write your views about the article and what you think about the topic mentioned in the article. Most importantly, Know what you are writing!

4. Avoid writing off-topic comments. If you want to write an off-topic comment then mention that it is off-topic.

5. Do not try to insult the author and show your superiority. It becomes irritating to handle people who think that they know everything.

6. If you have any doubts or need any explanation from the author then clearly mention your question. Do not try to confuse the author.

7. Take care that you are not being arrogant while giving suggestions.

8. When the author replies to your comment do not forget to say Thanks. If you are unsatisfied with the reply you may re-frame your Comment and post it in a descriptive way.

9. Use a Short Name while commenting (preferably your Name or your Blog Name) Do not use long sentences in the Name field.

Replying to comments on your Blog

1. It is not necessary to reply to each and every comment on your Blog. But it is good if you reply to all.

2. Do not insult the commentator in any case, whatever may be the reason.

3. Thank the commentators giving good and valuable suggestions.

4. Reply to the comment in such a way that the commentator feels that you are wishing to befriend him/her.

5. Don’t forget to correct your mistakes if pointed out through comments. Thank the commentators who help you by showing your mistakes. Learn from the comments and implement good suggestions.

6. Try to answer the questions asked through comments as early as you can.

7. If you are moderating comments then mention your moderating policy and publish/delete the comments as soon as possible.

And one common tip for all comments : Do not make typing mistakes! Please Check your Spelling mistakes thoroughly before submitting a comment.

  • BlogrPro

    Nice post buddy. “Avoid writing off-topic comments” is the good thing to share here.

  • Chetan

    Hi ,
    Thanks for this post.
    I have started to comment professionally after reading this article.

  • David |

    Amazing site, I really like it. Congrats!

    I agree with you in every point you stated above. I also like to ask questions on my comments. I like to learn as much as possible from blogger community.

    Thanks for this article, very helpful.


  • Taufiq Hasan

    Thank you..maybe it will guide me to be a good commenter, and not recognized as spam.. Hehe.. 😀

  • indyaz

    wow.. i think this is the first blog mention that how to write good comment.

  • Anish K.S

    Good tips, bookmarked this page.

  • Neeraj Joshi

    Nice tips pal! I will apply these whenever i comment on other blogs. I am relatively new to this blogging stuff and hope these points help me gain some reputation on the blogosphere.

  • Typo Tat

    I disagree. Being civil is important enough, but I don’t see why a commenter should make it their top priority to caress the author’s ego, and that is what 5 out of your 8 commenting points are all about.

  • Rohit Sane

    No one likes their readers being rude to them! And it is always good to maintain a friendly relationship with other bloggers. So, conserving the Authors EGO is important!

  • Deepika

    Hi friend,

    this is my first visit to your site…You have listed the points very well.. Commenting on other blog gives enough traffic and also new readers visit our blog…

  • Thameem

    The tips which you provided here are immensely useful for the people who like to post their comments in an impressive manner.

  • Violet

    Great Tips. I usually comment on blogs that are similar to my own, as I have found it a great way to form a community of people with similar interests.
    I also love getting comments on my blog, the interaction between writer & reader makes all the hard work I put into my blog worth it. It’s nice to know people are actually reading what you have written.
    I will be using your tips to hopefully Improve the comments I make.

  • Daniel

    Great post and tips are really very useful.

  • red microwave

    Thanks for the tips, I never know when i post is spam or real now. Ceative bloggers are closing comments more and more. Great post though, bloggers don’t have the time to make decent posts about comments etc.

  • List Building

    Hey great post!

    I would like to humbly add a point to the:Commenting on other blogs section of your article.

    What I noticed is that you can quickly tell just by reading the comments, which commenter has actually read the post itself.

    So I would strongly suggest that if a person wants to leave a comment they should read the post they are leaving a comment about.

    This is pleasing to both the blogger who wrote the post and to the people who end up reading your comment.



  • Rohit Sane

    @Miva: very nice point. Thanks for adding to my article!!

  • Shiva @ Blogging Community

    Hey Rohit,
    Those are really some good tips for writing good comments. I think it is really important to write constructive comment rather than trying to point out the mistakes of the post author. Also while replying, the author has to be gentle with his/her commenters even if they have written any negative comments.


  • Danny Higson

    You have defined “blog commenting” in the best possible way. Those are really some good points to follow while commenting on other’s blog. However, blog commenting follows “give and take policy”, if you provide dynamic and positive comments, you will get the same…there maybe a chance if a commentator isn’t agree with the points (may be some points), the commentator should say in moderate way rather in rough..

    Danny Higson