How to prepare yourself for Shifting from Blogger to WordPress?

blogger to wordpressIt is always difficult for migrating from one CMS to another! Even I took about 6 months to prepare myself for shifting from Blogger to WordPress. I know it was a long time, but I finally succeeded in a clean migration from Blogger to WordPress without loosing any traffic. For a proper migration you must be ready to take on any challenges that come your way. So, Let me give you some tips to prepare yourself for the shift:

  • Get information about what Self-Hosted WordPress is all about.
  • Get a temporary domain Name. Dot CO.CC is preferred.
  • Get a web-hosting account and Install WordPress on your Domain name using Fantastico De Lux.
  • Start using WordPress on that Domain name.
  • Get information about Plugins and Themes in WordPress. Understand How to use them and Start using it. (Which directories are used to store them and How to activate and Modify them)
  • Understand how Permalinks and Other settings work in WordPress.
  • Test various Plugins which you are planning to use on your New Permanent Blog (which you will shift from Blogger to WordPress)
  • Test the theme which you are planning to use on your Final blog, and edit it as per your needs.
  • Write about 5 posts to get used to the WordPress publishing Platform.
  • Understand the different Compatibility issues between the different Plugins and Themes, and How to solve them.
  • Make a note of every difficulty you face while working with WordPress and Solutions to your problems.
  • Understand and Accept the fact that WordPress is different from Blogger or any other Publishing Platform and getting used to it will take some time. Don’t lose hope if you are getting confused.

Following this small Advice will help you stay calm after your Final shift from any CMS to WordPress.

This is the First Part in the Blogger to WordPress Migration/Conversion Series. Stay tuned for the exact Step-by-Step guide of the conversion and the Changes you need to make after successfully migration to WordPress from Blogger for proper functioning of the CMS.
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  • S.Pradeep Kumar

    I would have be lucky, if I came across articles like this ! :(

    I didn’t bother anything while switching to WP. SEO, backlinks, traffic, blah blah.. nothing interested me ! 😀

    I had my lessons and now a perfect (99.9%) blogger ! 😉

  • mostlyBlog

    hey good post, but 6 month is long time, please write in next post about how to migrate from blogger to wordpress without any issue like duplicate content and not loosing any data

  • tejaswini

    Good start. It really takes strong heart to migrate from used to CMS to a new CMS, but good that you have chosen WordPress. It is best :)

  • Ricky

    Wow!!! You have explained all the steps nicely. The main problem will come during permalinks redirection. There are many bloggers who provides this service for free/paid.

  • Rohit Sane

    @MostlyBlog: I know 6 months is a long time. I was actually doing some research with WordPress and getting used to everything.

    The complete step-by-step procedure to Convert From Blogger to WordPress with my own experiences is coming soon[after 4-5 posts]

  • Isaac | GoBlogger

    Hi Rohit, the CO.CC is an interesting idea, but people still need to wait for the explanation about how it suppose to help them in the moving to understand the true benefit 😀

  • Rohit Sane

    @Isaac: My total guide for moving from Blogger to WordPress is coming soon! CO.CC is just used as a testing medium so as to avoid investing money in a domain name.

  • Ruchi

    Congs , Many faced the problem while changing but u succeeded . WordPress is no doubt the best one .:)

  • Taufiq Hasan

    Blogger to WP is easier than WP to Blogger, because the XML has some differences. How can you keep your traffic while migrating a domain?

  • Rohit Sane

    @Taufiq Hasan : You can redirect all the traffic of one domain to another(Using HTACCESS or Domain Redirection)! So, you are done!

  • Sahil Kotak

    You explained it very well and in very good and easy language.

    Yes, you can just redirect the domain it would be also easy.

  • Extreme John

    I only setup my Blogger blog as an additional branding space, I haven’t checked it out in forever.

    Good reminder, and an even better article.

  • Crazy blogger

    How to shift a wordpress blog to other hosting.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Crazy Blogger: I will surely post about it soon! As of now, I am not aware of it!


    Great info dude

    Recently i moved from blogger to wordpress…

    This is my new blog where i shift my blog

    Thanks :)

  • Kushagra Agarwal

    Thanks for the information. One of my friends need to transfer his blog, so I will tell him about this article.

  • Steven heart

    Hey there. I am a huge blogger fan and a few of my site use it, but I do believe that WordPress offers more, so I am going for the switch, cheers.

  • Ian Quill

    As you can see at my blog, I haven’t started monetiseing yet, my blog is still in its infancy, I hadn’t even thought about blogging a couple of months ago.
    Now I’ve started to think about taking it further I’m gonna need all the help I can get so I was really impressed with this article and I’m looking forward to reading the future posts!
    Thanks very much …. Ian

  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    Have you done techfreakstuff blogger to wordpress migration by yourself or with the help of other geeks mate. And Nice article mate.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Sathish: I have done the Blogger to WordPress migration myself.

  • Mohsin @ wordpressguide

    WordPress has so many options that it makes it superior blogging platform as compare to the blogger. I think that if a person is moving from blogger to WordPress he or she will never face any problem because using WordPress is easier than blogger.