10 Blogs where I love commenting and Why!

I have been blogging since a long time now, but its been only about 6 months since I have really started loving Commenting on different blogs. In initial days, I used to spend much time on creating and gathering content, but it dint really get me quality traffic. When I started commenting, I was successful in creating good relationships with other bloggers and also getting quality traffic and link-love from their blogs. So, where do I Comment the most and Which are the Blogs which I really love commenting on and Why? Here is the List:

This blog is responsible for changing my approach to Blogging to some extent. It was where I won the first contest organized by any Blogger! It contains cools reviews of different softwares and sometimes Gadgets too. I personally think that since I started Commenting on this Blog, Lady Luck has started walking with me hand-in-hand in my Blogging career.

Currently a Small contest is going on here in which you may surely be interested. It is giving away 3 Ads Spots for good Commentators.

This blog uncovers various new facts which I don’t know. Helpful tips for blogging are found here! It has helped me improve my Blogging practices by telling me what exactly to concentrate on and What to completely neglect.

Currently a Contest is being organized by Lax, the owner where he is going to give-away 100$ in cash to the Top five Commentators every month.

This blog mostly deals with Blogging and WordPress tips. Good and Helpful E-books are made available for Download and also new WordPress Plug-ins are talked about. Also, I love the interaction taking place on this Blog.

Pradeep Kumar, the Blogger here is among the Coolest people in the Blogging business! He is very helpful and Socializes on Many Social networks. This blog basically helps all Bloggers in achieving their ultimate goal in being a Better by giving then good tips. The articles are quite informative and explanatory.

This blog is run by two bloggers, and both of them are total Geeks! This Blog uncovers various new Tips and Tips which help me improve my Productivity. Also, I love the unique content and Tips which I never seen anywhere else. This Firefox tip is just a small example.

John here has a Unique Voice! He talks about different Blogging tips and How to improve on it. Social Media is the the Core of this blog and this is what I like the most. It also acts as a NEWS Center for me regarding Social Media News and Blogging and Traffic acquiring tips. He is also quite helpful and socializes everywhere possible.

This blog basically deals with Tips from improving your Blog. How to analyze your Blog for better traffic and How to get more from you give in. It tells us which designs suite better on the Blog and also SEO and other Web Development tips. Helpful WordPress tips are also given with Troubleshooting methods.

Cool updates regarding Apple Updates,  iPhones, SEO and other Internet Marketing methods. It also informs me about the Latest News in the Social Media Industry. Cool new websites to improve the web-experience and also new softwares for making the online life easier are talked about.

Christie has a very different way to express her views and I am glad to say, most of her views match with mine! Her recent topic about the Gravatar Impersonation literally shook me! She makes me feel at home when I comment on her blog which is the best thing for any commentator.

Now the Final one! Do I need to say its Tech-Freak Stuff ?

I love the people here and they have been very helpful and co-operative. Commentators ask good questions and I really love answering them! After all, this is my blog and I try me best to make the commentators feel comfortable and the Commentators reply in the same way. Love you all!!

Note: If your Blog is not mentioned here and I am a regular commentator of your Blog then please don’t feel Bad or Sad. I love your blog and would surely mention it in the next such round-up. Thanks for understanding!

  • http://ducedo.com Stefan

    @Rohit: Nothing to worry about. There are plenty of blogs out there and we only have so much time.

  • http://www.davidshawblog.com David Shaw

    Some nice blogs there!

    Hopefully I will make the next list ; )

  • http://www.teenbloggerkid.com Teen Blogger

    Great list Rohit.

    I actually comment on most of those blogs my self as well. To be exact i’m currently on the top commentators list at TechZoomin, not very high, but i’m on the list. Looks like we got same kind of taste commenting wise.

    Oke, looks like I got some commenting to do.

  • http://inforids.com/ techprism

    Yes, These are really nice blogs encouraging commenting & those who do.

    Some are new to me like Misc Bytes.

  • http://webbanshee.blogspot.com WebBanshee

    This is a very valuable and good list.No money making sites and bullshit. Thanx a lot for sharing this.

    Really enjoyed the blogs and commenting on some of them.



  • http://social-catalog.com aatif

    Great list !! I also love to make comments on extreme john . I love his blog . i visited other blogs too . they have great contents .

  • http://www.mivkamathieu.com Mivka

    hey Rohit,

    You rock man! All this is very helpful for me as a begginner to get started. I will definitly check out these blogs and participate in commenting with them. I actually feel like things are starting to make sense for me. I’m starting to understand how things happen and how they get done in the blogging world.

    I’m very excited,



  • http://www.MommiesPointofView.blogspot.com Glenda Cates

    What a great list of blogs to follow I will have to check them out as I have not heard of most of them and I Love visiting new blogs and making new friends like with yours this is my first time to visit but I will be back.