Even Famous Bloggers Copy Content! Let us know How.

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Being Bloggers we know how much importance is given to Original Content and Unique content! But is it really so, that all great Bloggers have unique content on their Blogs? NO! Many-a-times, even they copy content from other blogs, but they have a different style of doing it. Because of this, it often goes unnoticed that the content is copied. Let us understand how do they do it and what they do to avoid getting caught!

From lesser known Bloggers

Accept the fact, that even new blogs or some blogs with very less traffic have some great content on them! Only because they don’t optimize their blogs for their readers, they are unnoticed. Great bloggers, copy content from them and modify or add a few more points to their article and publish a great article on their Blog without giving any credit to the Blogger who has infact written about it.

Combining two or more Articles

Famous bloggers often do a job of getting a hundred ideas from different places and organizing it in a better and Understandable way, so that they are able to convey a big message in just a single Post!
They take two-three good articles and combine their content to create a Good Mixture of their content. This helps in sharing a lot of ideas in a better way.

Writing about any new technology and Controversial Topics

Do you really think that the Reviews written by then are in fact true? Most of them get paid to write the Reviews of products by Big Companies.
Also, the reviews of the latest softwares and Hardware coming up, written by them are mostly copied content from other popular blogs. Now, you may question how do I say this! The simple reason being they don’t really have access to the Latest products, so how can they write a review on it. They edit reviews from various websites and Create a review for themselves.

Note: The points I have mentioned here are true to my knowledge and Not all great Bloggers are observed following these techniques, But most of them Do. I have personally caught 2-3 of them doing this, So this post! Even many of us Copy content/Get inspired by some content, I would request all to give credit to the original article. thanks!

  • http://www.webpagelottery.com WebpageLottery

    I actually think it’s an honor if your content is copied by bigger blog as long as you get mentioned or a backlink in the post.

  • http://myelvin.blogspot.com/ Elvin

    I totally agree what you said, but i rather hate those small bloggers that copy 100% without their own idea. Those “combine work” do need time. And i think we should give credit to the small blogger.

  • http://techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @WebPageLottery: You are correct, but it really hurts when you don’t get the link back to your website!

    @Elvin: This is what I am talking about, We need to give credit to whoever we copy content from.

  • http://plastic-flamingos.com/ garden flamingos

    Thats what everyone does , no one knows the latest develpoment in the society so people have to take inspiration from other bloggers

  • http://andbreak.com/ Julius Kuhn-Regnier

    I think everyone copies content. And of course well-known bloggers get away with it, well because they are well-known. But every time I write an article I also try to find articles from other people to link to. I find it always useful to see the opinion of other people on the topic you write about.

  • http://www.technophile8848.co.cc/ rdharma

    This is true because making new article by using the content & ideas of two or more articles result in an effective & better article.

  • http://pcmastero.blogspot.com amit sharma

    articles are meant for sharing..but credits should be given to the original one..great post :)

  • http://www.myfastrupee.in kuldip

    Yes…everyone copies content…. good article