Learn: How to play a Video as your DeskTop Background like a Wallpaper

Are you bored of those static images on your Desktop Background? Do you feel the need to use a Video in its Place? Ok then, I will tell you how you can do it! Just do as I say and you will have a cool video playing as your Desktop wallpaper.

Let me tell you(most of you will already know) that Windows Vista Ultimate has a feature known as DreamScene which allows you to set a Video as a BackGround. But this feature is not present in any other versions of Windows Vista. As most of the people have already shifted to Vista from their old OS, I will give a detailed tutorial on how you can get started with DreamScene.

Download the DreamScene pack for Vista. It is a RAR file. Extract the RAR file in any folder and then follow the steps:

  1. Run “Install.bat” file with Administrator rights (i.e. Right Click on it and Click on: Run as administrator)
  2. Follow the steps in the command prompt
  3. Reboot, or Run “Reload.bat” file with normal (non-Admin) rights (i.e. just Double Click on it)

After you follow these steps Right Click on your Desktop. When the list opens up, you will find an option called “Play DreamScene”. This shows that you have installed this Vista Add-On properly.

Just remember that you can only play .WMV or .MPG files as your video Backgrounds. Now Right Click on the Video file you want to play as your Background. Select “Set as Desktop Background”. Once you do it, you cam see the same Video playing in your Desktop as the Wallpaper.

If you want to Pause this video in the Background, just Right click on the Desktop and select “Pause DreamScene”. You are done now!

Many people who still use XP miss this feature! You can use the XPScene software for Windows XP to use this feature.

  • http://www.hellboundbloggers.com/about/ S.Pradeep Kumar

    Nice sharing Rohit.. will give this a try ! 😉

  • http://letssermo.com Farrhad A

    Sounds kewl! I wonder if there is something like this for Snow Leopard.

  • http://www.betterbloggingforbloggers.com/ Liane YoungBlogger

    Super cool! Now working. I’m playing short films on my desktop and I didn’t know this is possible. Thanks!

  • http://chaaps.com Chethan

    Height of manipulating things and achieving new things!

  • http://www.blogrpro.com BlogrPro

    There are some video players which offer this feature.

  • http://techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @BlogrPro: Actually VLC media players also does this function, but it is a bit difficult to configure it and also there are a lot of malfunctions caused because of it.

  • http://www.bizzntech.com BizzNtech

    I really love the Dreamscene feature… It’s amazing… You gotta try it on a big screen… it looks absolutely stupendous

  • http://technobuz.com Sham

    VLC player too does it :)

  • http://www.jayceooi.com Jayce

    Cool. Going to try it now. :)

  • http://www.taranfx.com taranfx

    good one.
    Another way is to do it with Winamp Overlay mode. That’s what I had been using since childhood.
    Winamp is addiction!

  • http://www.mostlyblog.com Mostlyblog

    hey rohit thanks for sharing, i will definitely try this

  • http://www.wchingya.com Ching Ya

    Alright, whenever I’m bored with my desktop. ^^ Maybe not on my working PC or I’ll be in deep trouble.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  • http://crazyblogger.net crazy blogger

    it is working.

    thanks for sharing dude.

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  • http://www.gigglecomputer.com Phaoloo

    yup, this is a nice trick. I can amaze my buddies when they seeing my desktop.

  • http://techchunks.com TechChunks

    Nice sharing. Let me try this. Hope I will love this. Thanks :)

  • http://www.emergencyfilerecover.com Steve Bellamy

    It’s a cool idea and all, but this just seems like a kooky way to eat up system resources.

    Then again, I’m the kind of guy who uses the Windows Classic theme…

  • http://www.getfinancialstatus.com/ computer tips and tricks

    hi friend is it work in windows7 please let me know