Will Wi-Fi be the Next Bluetooth with its Peer-to-Peer technology?

Wi Fi and Bluetooth are among the most commonly used technologies now. Wi-Fi is mostly used for Connecting to Internet while Bluetooth is used for Transferring files between two Bluetooth devices. But currently, there are some individual limitations of Both these technologies! So technologists have come together and invented a new technology where the drawbacks of both these are eliminated.

Basically, they have modified the Wi-Fi technology to Transfer files between two or more Wi-Fi devices. Earlier Wi-Fi devices were of no use without a Router which helped them connect to internet. But now with the Peer-to-Peer Wi-Fi connections you will be able to transfer files between two portable devices without connecting to the Router; very similar to Bluetooth.

According to the Wi-Fi alliance, this latest technology will help to seamlessly transfer data between two devices equipped with Wi-Fi receivers without using a hub or a router. So there is no Internet  connection required(no need for Wi-Fi hotspots). This will surely means that Wi-Fi will have all the properties of Bluetooth and the Bluetooth Facility in Portable devices like the PlayStation Portable or Mobile Phones will prove to be redundant. What will be the next advance in Bluetooth after the 3.0 technology? So, we need to wait till the mid-2010 until all the devices equipped with this technology come out in public.

It does appear like Wi-Fi trying to supersede Bluetooth! What do you think?

For those who cant wait until this technology is out, I would Advice to use “Wipeer” which allows Serverless Peer-to-Peer Wi-Fi  Connection for sharing files and creating your own Wi-Fi LAN.

  • http://technology.johnsamuel.in John Samuel

    This will surely be a good alternative to share your files with a friend. But I am not sure how will this be an alternative

  • http://www.lovingtech.net/webmaster-forum/ Webmaster Forum

    Wipeer looks pretty cool. Potential is there.

  • http://www.hellboundbloggers.com/about S.Pradeep Kumar

    Well.. it can happen I guess.. technology is kicking the hell now.. surely can do more than this.. :)

    Nice article Rohit !

  • http://colorsofnet.com Gaurav

    During my hostel stay we had explored it a lot, our router uses to support us at that time.

  • http://choosyinfo.com Ruchi

    Sounds great. I guess there are chances for this, Technology is always having something new to give.