5 Most Popular Myths regarding Alexa Rank

alexa rank logoAre you trying desperately to Increase the Alexa rank of your Website? If yes, then you must first get your Concepts very clear about Alexa ranking System. Most people who follow the Alexa ranking system themselves don’t know the exact working of Alexa. There are a lot many Myths about Alexa ranks which need to be Cleared fast.

Myth 1: Alexa Rank shows the true Traffic rank of your Website.
Fact: People using Alexa Toolbar are only considered which calculating the Traffic. Alexa shows the traffic rank of your websites on the basis of people using its Toolbar. The more people using the Toolbar visit your Website, the higher is your website ranked! (nothing to do with the true total number of visitors)

Myth 2: Alexa rank can be easily manipulated by you.
Fact: Most people have the idea that if you install the Alexa toolbar and keep surfing your website everyday then your Alexa rank will increase. Total Non-Sense! Alexa is not dumb to calculate such traffic.

Myth 3: If you link back to Alexa.com then your Alexa rank will increase.
Fact: Alexa doesn’t really care if you link back to it or no! It calculates traffic on the basis of the Toolbar Statistics and no credit is given to you even if you link back to it.

Myth 4: Having the Alexa traffic Report Script installed on your Website will result in Increased Alexa Rank.
Fact: The reason is the same as above.

Myth 5: Using a Proxy server to increase the Page Views will help.
Fact: Alexa understands proxified IP Addresses, So don’t waste your time with this stupid techniques. Instead, write good content on your Blogs to get true traffic!

  • http://www.cite-technologian.com/ Cebu Tech Blogger

    I was looking for this, glad I found some of the myths here. I’m actually wondering why the number of sites linking to my blog didn’t change, but my Alexa ranking continue to increase… This is odd…

  • Dean winchester

    Alexa is a crap trust me guys the most stupid tool I have ever seen.

  • http://www.chefskit.com Chefs hats

    is there any real use for it then? what other factors are more usefull, what do you think about SEOmoz own rankings? their toolbar is pretty good I think