5 Cool ways to Add graphs to your Website!

Guest post by Srikanth AD from Tech Inspiration
There are many softwares by which you can present data to your viewers. Data present in tabular form may explain the total meaning but it’s tough to understand in a glance. Whereas presenting data in graphical form is much superior to tabular form as people can understand it with ease. You can also present the data in more attractive and informative form in graphical form. There are some cool ways through which you can present data on your website in a graphical form.

There are mainly two ways through which you can implement data in a graphical form. One is by using Flash and the other by using jQuery. Both the methods are good to present graphs on your website and you can choose to follow the one which you feel comfortable.

Here are 5 Great ways (both Flash and jQuery) to help you easily present data in a graphical form to make your readers understand the data even better.

jQuery Visualize Plug-in

JQuery Visualize Plugin Graph

JQuery Visualize Plugin Graph

You might have used images to present chars on your site before. With the help of jQuery Visualize plug-in you can implement a graphs or charts without using Flash or images. jQuery uses the HTML5 canvas element to create cool charts. It will grab the data from the HTML table to build a chart using HTML 5 Canvas element. This proves to be one of the best methods to display charts on web sites because people can see both the table and the graphical chart.

jQuery SVG

JQuery SVG Graph

JQuery SVG Graph

With help of this plug-in you can easily create graphs and also graphics on your website. It is based on the SVG, a language which is used to describe 2-D graphics in XML. Most of the modern browsers as support for SVG so you can use to display graphs. You can use the graphing extension to make SVG graphs and you also have extra functionalities. Like you can control the axes, gridlines, legend, labels and also graph title.

Open Flash Chart

Open Flash Chart Graph

Open Flash Chart Graph

Open Flash Chart is a plug-in much similar like wordpress.com stats plug-in. Open Flash Chart is an open source software so you can customize it as per your need. Using this plug-in you can easily create and display charts as images. With the help of tooltips you can actually make charts more interactive with users and also user can explore the data. It allows you to re-size the charts and allow accepts null values such that there will not be any gaps of missing data in your graph. You can save the chart as image and you can also highlight an area(s) or point(s) on the graph.


Flot Graph

Flot Graph

Flot is jQuery based and is pure JavaScript plotting library. It will create chars on fly using the arbitrary datasets. You can customize charts as you wish like you can make them look attractive and also more interactive with users. It supports features like zooming and mouse tracking and it works on all the popular web browsers.

Google Chart API

Google API Chart

Google API Chart

Google has provided many useful services to help webmasters in many ways. Google Chart API is one another tool form the house of Google. Creating static charts with this API is very simple and you can create many kinds of chars like line, bar, Pie, radar, maps, QR codes, scatter plots, etc. You can also control the color, design, labels and styles of the graph. All most all the aspects of this API are easily customizable so you can use it the way you like it to be.

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