Do you feel that your Internet Access Speed is Slow? Google to your Rescue!

Are you tired for waiting even for a second before your Web-Page Loads up? No Problem! Even Google hates Slow Internet Speeds and so it is working on developing a SPEEDIER protocol. It hopes to Double the Speed of the Web Soon!

If you are still confused on what I am talking about, Let me make it a bit more clear. Google is working on designing a protocol which will not only assure faster search, but also faster communication between servers and Browsers.

This project named SPDY (pronounced SPEEDY), has shown 55% faster loading speeds (Double Fast) than it is now. So, Google is soon planning to replace the HTTP:// in your URLs with SPDY://
spdy google protocol
Taking the technical picture into consideration, the HTTP request is often almost a Kilobyte in Size and takes more than a dozen milliseconds to transmit. To avoid such slower speeds, SPDY compresses requests/responses and puts them into frames that are multiplexed over one Connection. This makes it possible to send a higher priority small file without waiting for a large file to transfer.

  • Swashata

    So, you mean Hyper Text Terminal Protocol is soon going to meet its death! Its always good to invent newer and better technologies! btw, is there any official notification from Google about this? And will this change be global?

  • Swashata

    And even if this change is global, then what is going to all the server site scripting languages like php, asp etc.. We depend much on the HTTP requests and submits on writing php or similar codes. I hope this will remain same on the new protocol also! Else all the server site scripting language developers have to reconstruct their languages to synchronize with this change! This is really going to be a wide change…

  • Rohit Sane

    @Swashata: All the Work which is currently performed by HTTP will be done by SPDY but it will be faster as data will be transmitted after compressing. And of course, the Change will be Global. Google has announced that the work is still under progress and Laboratory testing of this new protocol is taking place.

  • Swashata

    Yaa.. Still I wonder that all the version of php, asp etc need to be updated in order to support spdy requests along with http requests! If it is so, then the older version of the same are going to be obsolete soon! But anyways it is always good to move to the next level of technology! Nice information rohit :)

  • Rajesh Kanuri

    So soon we are going to reach new speeds with spdy://

  • BlogrPro

    Well, we still can’t believe anything. Sometimes they do marketing techniques to add so. But if it’s real upon its release, I will be the first one to congratulate them.

  • Kris – the gift basket specialist

    Very interesting post, I never know that google was creating a new protocol like that. Read up a bit more about it – cool that and the new chrome OS that will be coming out in a week.

  • steppinout

    This is a good news then. Thanks for sharing

  • Ruchi

    I guess that would be huge task for Google to launch SPDY globally and thus it will surely take time . But its good that speed will increase. Nice sharing :)

  • Rohit Sane

    @BlogrPro: I don’t think Google needs to do such a thing for Publicity! Anyways, there are cases when it happens.

    Like all of you, Even I am waiting for Google to Launch this.

  • Phaoloo

    I used some apps before, they compress data and transfer via Internet but the result is not always good. And Opera turbo recently just works fine on low Internet connection. Hope this Google protocol may make an innovation of web this year.

  • TechChunks

    I hope this is not yet another April fool’s joke from Google. But I will surely love to open spdy:// on my GPRS enabled Windows Mobile phone ASAP 😉

  • kas

    i am waiting for spdy//…
    i hope it starts soon

  • Ching Ya

    This is something to look forward to, I suppose. As the technology advances, changes are to be made for the sake of ever-increasing user requirements. Will anticipate for its launch. Appreciate the notice, Rohit.

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  • Bellamy

    Interesting news. I wonder how much effect this will really have, or if this is one of thse “best practices” upgrades that have little practical effect.
    We shall see.

  • Sham

    Wow now google even getting there hands on protocol .Great!

  • Shivaraj

    We are waiting for that day will come early
    Nice tip… :)

  • Rajesh Kanuri

    when that would be launched.. any official announcement on that is helpful..

  • Pavan Somu

    Amazing to hear that. Never heard like this before

  • Ashok

    Speedy (“spdy”) will not replace “http://” protocol, but it will only supplement it by making certain processes faster from the server to the browser; for example, compressing certain parts of the web page while delivering it to the browser. HTTP will continue to be there. SPDY will work only in the background and the users and the web masters will not have to change anything. Only the browser has to be enabled and the web servers will have to install the relevant software. Please see the Google documentation for Speedy.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Ashok: I am happy you have made some points more clear!

  • Startup Speed Boost

    Thanks to Ashok for the clarification. I for one was nervous that my sites would soon need a big overhaul!

  • Rahul

    I think that introducing “spdy” is really goin to help (making the web faster), but we also know that the faster it gets the more heavy the bloggers are gonna make their sites (for better visual interface ). So lets wait and watch for the advancements.