Google showering Blessings on me. Tech-Freak Stuff gets Google Sitelinks!

sitelinks tech-freak stuffI could not tell you this Good NEWS as I was a bit busy with my Exams. I was just doing some casual time-pass on FaceBook when I saw Pradeep Kumar’s update on my Wall saying that Tech-Freak Stuff got Sitelinks. I dint really notice the Sitelinks before he told me but I was really happy and the best part is that Tech-Freak Stuff got Sitelinks on the very next day of getting a PageRank hike of 2.

There are currently 3 Google Sitelinks Showing the following Posts:

Let me tell you that these are among the most popular pages in this Blog and Also there are a lot of Backlinks from different websites pointing to these articles!

For those Who don’t have any idea of What Sitelinks are all about, let me tell you that these are among the most relevant and the most Visited Pages in a Website. Also, not every website gets Google Sitelinks! Getting Sitelinks is supposed to be a very rare case and also very prestigious. So, now you know that Tech-Freak Stuff is making the Mark over Google too….lolz

  • S.Pradeep Kumar

    Congrats mate.. Google loves ya! :)

  • Farrhad A

    Congrats Rohit!
    Nice going 😀

  • Greg Ellison

    Congrats on the sitelinks. Keep up the great work. Greg Ellison

  • http://freetechjournal SaurabhStar

    Hey! congrats again! Keep posting regularly to win other rewards! wish u all the best

  • ByteChip

    Congrats man, keep going. By the way I am new to blogosphere, and just today saw you site and the “about” page. Congrats on your journey. Good luck

  • ksbnok

    Pleased to know that u got the Sitelink 4 What is Encrypted Code in WordPress Themes?
    cool… keep it man….
    cheers :)

  • Rohit Sane

    @ksbnok: Most of the content I have put in that post is your creation! Special thanks for that.

  • Surender sharma

    Hi there,
    Congrats !!
    Hope for the PR improvement.

  • ksbnok

    @Rohit Sane
    thanx 4 ur generosity… though I helped u little bit with that but I think the way u wrote it was really making it a very useful post 4 everybody…

  • Walter

    Your hard work has paid off. I’m happy for you. :-)

  • Rohit Sane

    @Surender: I already got a PR hike of 2 and I am really happy with it. Hoping for more next time!

  • RRH

    It means you blog get good business on search engine, that why Google made sitelink for you. Keep doing good jobs

  • Sahil Kotak

    Congrats Rohit, Did you make some deal with Google? 😀 Just joking. :)

  • Ruchi

    Cool, congrats. Wish you more success ahead.

  • Swashata

    Congrats buddy! Keep developing TFS :)

  • Basant Singh

    Congrats for sitelinks & PR 2. Good going. Keep it up.

  • Sandesh Mascarenhas

    Congrats……..wishing you best for the future………

  • Gaurav

    Congrats buddy, that’s a great achievement for your blog.

  • Kris

    Yes – congrats on your sitelinks and PR!!

  • TechChunks

    Wow! Congrats… :)

    But that’s like a “double-dose” of “G”-Love! How did you manage to digest that? 😉

  • Rohit Sane

    Thanks Everyone for your Good wishes. I hope you will always there besides me to see TFS improve further. Good luck to all of you!

  • Uttoran Sen

    that’s a great achievement, congrats and keep up the good work,

  • khalid

    congrates buddy, keep the good work going.

  • Abhishek Kumar

    Its cool man….All the best….