My 3 Biggest SEO mistakes of 2009

After reading the title you may be wondering about how this is possible. I recently got a PageRank hike of 2 and 8 Google sitelinks, then how come this would be possible if I did some SEO mistakes. I have improved on some mistakes but I will let you know about them. We can do some grave mistakes if we are not in a proper state of mind and Even I did too..

Single Post in Multiple Categories

It must be noted that the Google crawler by default crawls through each category and then indexes the links inside it. If it finds similar content in one or more categories then Duplicate Content Issues may arise. Also it may cause further problem while indexing the website.

Status: Mistake Corrected! Now Each of my post is present in only One Unique Category.
Update: I have understood that this is not really a mistake!

Sticking to Blogger for so long

I was on Blogger for more than 1.5 years, Even though I knew that Self Hosted WordPress is the best software for SEO and professional Blogging. This made me achieve my goals after a long wait, like “I got a Pagerank very late” , “My traffic remained low for a long time”, “I got very less comments because most people hate commenting on Blogger Blogs”.

Status: Mistake Corrected! Now Tech-Freak Stuff is a Self Hosted WordPress blog.

Using a Free Web Host

I am using a free web-host which is causing a lot of problems for my blog. It sometimes deletes my entire database while sometimes it corrupts my database. So my website remains inaccessible for that time. Also, It redirects to some other promotional page when visitors click on some of my links. Also, It sometimes doesn’t even load my theme properly. Thus, Google crawler finds it difficult to crawl my content when such issues prevail with my webhost. Also, this reduces the frequency of Google crawling your website. It may also mark your website as spam. I have not yet faced such problem from Google till date, but I don’t want to risk my blog for such a small issue.

Status: I had purchased a Premium Web hosting account, but there came some problem with the Credit Card billing system so I will have to wait another 60 days for re-registering. I hope I get the account soon! And the reason for the delay of moving to a Premium Host was of course “lack of funds”.

Update: One more SEO mistake I was doing, is NOT using TITLE attribute for Anchor links. I just used the HREF attribute.
Status: I have started using the TITLE attribute in the A tag in the New posts.
Do let me know, if you find any other major SEO mistakes in this Blog. Your Constructive criticism will be appreciated!

  • Anish K.S

    @ Shivaraj, Why still in free space ?.

  • Mathan

    selecting a multiple categories for a post is not a mistake. It’s very cleared from raju and rohit by the way of commenting here.

    Thanks for sharing this

  • Udegbunam Chukwudi

    Duplicate content has been debated over and over again ad it’s seems Google ain’t really bothered about them as some reports show.

    What’s with the 60 days delay? Was your money refunded to your credit card and now you have to wait 60 days for it to reflect on credit card? (I had this issue with Hostgator when ordering with Mastercard Websurfer. Since I was ordering from Nigeria, they had to screen the order for fraud ;))

  • Jayce

    The first one is not a mistake from my view. The 2nd and 3rd are good move to have own good hosting. WordPress does have more power compare to Blogger. 😛

  • Rohit Sane

    @Udegbunam Chukwudi: It appears that Google has penalized blogs over Duplicate content, so it is better to stay away from such mistakes. Because of Nigerian Economy, you may face some problems with Credit cards.

    @Jayce: Thanks for dropping in.

  • BizCoachTim

    It’s always cheaper to learn from someone else’s mistakes than your own. Thanks Rohit for sharing yours!

    I would like to know more about using the Title attribute for Anchor links.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Tim: Title attributed will help the search engines find the relevancy of the hyper-linked words with the hyper-linked content. The Title Tag will basically tell what the destination content is, thus giving SEO advantage to the destination page.

  • Tycoon Blogger

    I have just checked and I had a couple posts in multiple categories and I just fixed it. I am not sure if it is a myth or not but I would rather error on the side of caution.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Tycoon Blogger: Its always good to be safe rather than repenting over your mistake.

  • Olusegun


    I had a blogger blog also for about 3 years.

    What a mistake to have stuck with it for so long without using wordpress.

    On the issue of categories, you could define that bots do not search you categories, archives, pages etc to prevent duplicate content penalty.

    @Udegbunam Chukwudi
    i have the same issue too – for about 2weeks we were trying to sort things out. They even gave me a concession that did not work. Going with GoDaddy seems to be a way out for us Nigerians

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    Thanks for sharing you experience at least I will not do such mistakes. Keep sharing the information.

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    Hey this is very true that this mistakes can harm the ranking a lot. One should have to ignore this mistakes. I think after reading your post others will take care of it Thanks for sharing this information. Keep sharing such stuffs.

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  • Violet

    Not just the title tag but also the alt tag will help on all links, as well as for each and every image whether it is a link or not (to remove the annoying border without using css simply add border=”0″ inside the tags

    Also naming an image mylogo1.jpg
    call it My company name and tagline .jpg
    will help with seo

  • Steve

    As long as we learn from our mistakes, it’s OK to make mistakes… the problem is when we keep repeating them. :)
    I agree that using a free host is a big “mistake”. If you can afford to pay for hosting, that’s a very positive thing (I think).
    The fact that you have google site links is huge! Congrats. :)

  • Renee

    Can you explain this in more detail?
    One more SEO mistake I was doing, is NOT using TITLE attribute for Anchor links. I just used the HREF attribute.
    Where is this set in WordPress?

  • Atul Kumar Pandey

    You are right moving to a Self Hosted WordPress blog is equal to starting a professional blog. It will also gives so many benefits which ordinary blogging platforms not provided.

  • Jayanth

    Hey man, thanks fr sharing this! Thats makes me informed of some possibiities….