7 things that hindered the growth of this blog in 2009

Everyone does mistakes and its in their good to identify and correct them. I am no exception! I have done a lot of mistakes this year and I think I have realised them, I will work on them and in-turn make the corrections work for my betterment.
mistakes are important
You may be astonished to find me writing such philosophical (some may call it psychological) lines. But they just came from my heart. This is among the rare posts which I am writing without any prior preparations. Lets start..

1. No Social BookMarking Buttons

I know many of you would have wished to share some stuff from here on your favourite Social network or bookmark it for further reference. But call it my ignorance or negligence which caused you this trouble.

2. Using a Free web host

I am already cursing myself sticking to a free web host for so long. If you would know, I faced serious problems because of this. I am going to shift to a premium web host on the very first day of the new year. Hoping for a good change.

3. Did not utilise the Social Networks properly

I used to pass my time Playing Poker on FaceBook rather than Blogging or doing any innovative activity. This reduced the number of posts to a great extent and also the quality. I am planning to indulge my mind only in innovation from now on. I dint even promote my Blog on FaceBook for a long time, until now.

Also, I promoted my blog so heavily on Twitter than one on my account got flagged as Spam. I was totally crazy that time!

4. Minimal participation on Forums

Everyone know that Forums can send in a lot of traffic to your Blog and proper utilisation can also get you some cool Link-Juice. I used to answer questions on Yahoo Answers and also on Digital Point forums but my behaviour was too casual and I am repenting for it now. I failed to create my Brand consciousness there.

5. Less Time for Blogging

Being an Engineering student, I already have very less time to do any extra curricular activity. On top of that, I wasted all my time having fun on Facebook and taking stupid Quizzes. Also, the time I got for Blogging was wasted in other Internet activity which I am not comfortable revealing.

6. Personal Matters

Fights with my Near and Dear ones do affect me a lot but they don’t realise this fact. I keep thinking over the quarrels for long time and I am not able to concentrate on any other work during that period. I am planning to accept my mistakes as most quarrels arise because of my stubbornness, this will help in me spending quality time with them and being Mentally happy. I feel sad for my loved ones because they had to forgive me even when I kept repeating my mistakes.

7. Freaking Selflessness

I always went out of the way to help my fellow bloggers and other friends. I never though that people whom I am helping were really Selfish, and not my real friends. I now repent that, If I would have spent his time with my Dear one’s it would have really helped in having a happy state of mind. That too, always!

I think its enough of my thoughts. I am going to correct these mistakes as a part of my New Year Resolution. Now, you share your mistakes too which you would have committed in this year. Hoping that you have realised them!
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  • http://www.clickonf5.org/ Sanjeev

    You have covered really important points here. Free web hosting is really a big problem as you may loose your data at any point of time and that will also hamper SEO.

    Nice write-up Rohit, Keep up the good work.

  • http://blinkky.com blinkky

    I’ve done some of the mistakes…Thanks for remind… =)

  • http://agentdeepak.com/ Agent Deepak

    My only problem is I am very lazy.

  • http://internetjobscams.blogspot.com/2009/11/search-latest-work-at-home-jobs-here.html chandan

    I am doing some mistake, like I operating my blog using blogspot for which I can not monetize my blog afterall my blog have already gained good rank.

  • http://www.downloadvyp.com Download Software

    it is very important that you realise your mistakes,in this way you can be better .and i;m sure you will be. good luck!

  • smriti

    Its OK… people do commit mistakes but its never too late to rectify them.. but while doing so don’t expect an overnight results!
    all the best….hope you have a beautiful year ahead along with your loved ones!

  • http://bangaloreloka.com Bangaloreloka

    This post made me laugh.. maybe because we are on the same lane..

    However, I never went for free host but I was damn lazy enough to lose my traffic and still I didn’t care that much. I didn’t comment nor networked which was one of my big mistakes!

    But hey, we learnt something and we promise not to repeat such mistakes in 2010.. so cheers mate and looking forward for OUR success in blogosphere :)

  • http://steppinoutblog.info/ steppinout

    I think that your biggest mistake is using free web host. Everyone makes mistakes but it’s good if we realise that and trying to fix it.

  • http://qwertyweb.blogspot.com Ajinkya

    I don’t think you made a mistake as you were using blogger , even i am using and i am happy , just what i want is gravatar comment form like thing to be embedded in blogger so that people wont hate commenting on Blogspot blogs 😀 ,best of luck in blogging and happy new year dude

  • http://www.ampercent.com Soumen

    Well everybody has said about everything else. Let me concentrate on the sixth point. Ya, this affects me a lot too. Actually last year I broke up with someone, ya u got it. It was so bad that I couldn’t even concentrate for 7 months. That was my worst mistake, putting the blog in complete jeopardy, Amit helped me out, gave me time to recover. I was absent from the blog totally, not even able focus on what was going on. And finally here I am, free & fresh. Since the day I moved on, trust me, it feels like heaven, I have tripled my earnings in just two months & Ampercent visitors increased to almost 15000/month. I repent for the lost time now. So my suggestion, keep private matters away from your profession, else take me as the worst example.

  • http://www.techhow.co.cc Shivaraj

    still i am using free host, by seeing your post i had to shift to good host provider.
    thanks for such a nice post.

  • http://techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @Soumen: You got my point absolutely correct. Its good that you moved on! I won’t comment anything else other than wishing you Good Luck for the future.

  • http://www.wchingya.com Ching Ya

    The best way to improve is to realize what went wrong and correct them while still have the chance. That’s what I like to tell myself too, which I completely agree on reviewing how we did in past experiences. No worries, this year is a brand new start and I wish you great success in blogging!

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  • http://techgenuine.com Ricky

    Good points. I am like you only. I am not active on the forum. I need to be more active on forum but I don’t feel it is worthwhile. Instead of being active on forum I preferred to comment more on fellow bloggers website.

  • http://geniusgeeks.com Ricky

    One small advice buddy. Please install commentluv plugin.

  • http://techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @Wchingya: You are right. New year, new start!

    @Ricky: I will surely take your advice. You will see comment love coming soon on TFS.

  • http://technascent.com Uttoran Sen

    yep, everyone makes mistakes, and looking at my mistakes your actually looks lot less 😛

    but its good that us bloggers are learning from our mistakes and always trying to achieve the best,

    good luck with your blog in the new year,

  • http://startupspeed.com/ Peg Salvage

    These are good tips for anyone – not just for you and your blog. I’ll be taking them to heart, myself!

  • http://www.wallpapersadda.com Bollywood Events

    My best n funny problem is very lazy.very lazy.very lazy.

  • http://www.cpareviews.blogspot.com Chinemere

    Thanks every one for sharing your mistakes as this’ll help newbies who just entered the blogosphere. But one thing I’ll disagree here is the issue of free hosting. It is very good to host your blog on your own custom domain, but remember every blogger was one time a newbie. So for such a person it wont be advisable to start a blog on a self hosted wordpress or any other CMS. As this was exactly what I did and the blog did not see the light of the day. This is so because; as a new blogger there are so many things you need to know, prominent among them is niche marketing, content writing, seo, traffic hunting, blog terminology and all the bells and rings that come with blogging and the blogosphere, only when you know a little of all or most of these things will you think of starting a professional blog. But till then my advise is stick to freebies but when things improve make sure you re-invest on buying domain name and paying for hosting- or what do you guys think?

  • http://www.techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @Chinemere : I had a bad experience with free hosting. My database was deleted twice and so from then on I recommend premium hosting to everyone..

  • http://www.kjool.com Abe Samir

    You might be calling them mistakes, but some of the things you mention above I think make financial sense, I think when you first start this type of activity money is a big part of how we decide to do things. But is sounds like you are past that stage 😉

  • http://www.zupdates.com/ omar zupdates

    Good to know u are/were an engineering student. I am also an engineering student and just started a blog. this information might come in handy for me too. thanx

  • http://businessmailingservices.blogspot.co.uk/ Will

    Some great points here thanks Rohit. I’ve just started a business blog and I think i’ll take your advice and install the social media buttons asap, once i’ve added some more content.