Just a Small Editorial : I am Sorry!

This is just to inform all you guys that I have my exams going on so I am not Blogging since 10 days now. I am feeling very bad and disgraced to tell you that my Exams will go on till 6th of January 2010, and So, I won’t be finding a lot of time for my Blog. But I will surely have a lot of things to share with you once I am done with Studies!

I hope all of you will understand! Thanks for that.

Also, Let me tell you that it was my Birthday on 4th Of December and I received an unusual but a great gift from our very own Lord Google! Google Increased Tech-Freak Stuff’s site-links from 3 to 5. I hope you understand how excited I am because of this gift!

Anyways, I will catch up with you guys soon, when I get some time off my exams in the last week of December. Till then, Take Care and Have a good time!

  • http://agent001.me/ Agent 001

    Study hard and get good grades. We will be waiting.

  • http://www.bytechip.com Ramkumar

    Good luck for the exams mate :)

  • http://choosyinfo.com Ruchi

    Best luck for your exams and congs for the sitelinks. :).

  • http://www.bizzntech.com Joel

    All best mate. Give ur best :)

  • http://www.techooze.com Sushant

    Best of luck for the exams and congrats for the birthday gift.

  • http://www.blinkky.com blinkky

    10 days is still ok =)

  • http://techpp.com Raju

    10 days are fine, but this is where planning comes in. You always knew when your exams start, so you should have scheduled 5-6 posts at-least or got someone to guest blog for you :) Lessons learnt!

  • http://www.qwertyweb.blogspot.com Ajinkya

    all the best , and for sitelinks 😀
    i can see 8 of me !

  • http://techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @raju: I know I have made this mistake. I will surely take care that I wont repeat it when my Next Exam arrives. Anyways, Thanks for dropping by..

  • http://bangaloreloka.com Bangaloreloka

    Lol.. because of the frequent exams I am also unable to make posts =(( Altho I learnt a big lesson and I am making a comeback soon.. hope to see you on Jan!

  • http://www.mostlyblog.com MostlyBlog

    hey best of luck for your exam

  • http://techvilla.org Pavan Somu

    Gud luck buddy. Catch you soon.

  • http://www.goblogger.net Isaac | GoBlogger

    It’s OK. That’s a natural thing in our life. In fact, I paused blogging for two months in the past to finish my final paper of college. It’s not a big deal as long as we manage to continue afterward 😀

  • http://technascent.com Uttoran Sen

    am late to respond on this post, but the good part is that your exams must be at the end now, hope to see you active on the blogosphere soon :)

  • http://techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @Pavan @Isaac @Uttoran: Thanks for understanding! I will be back soon.