Tech-Freak Stuff has moved to a Premium Web-Host after a poor time at a Free Web-Host

web hostingIts been about six months my blog been on a free web-host and I thought that it was the right time to move to a premium host. I have been getting a good response from all you guys and it has made me take this step. Now firstly, you may ask, why did I opt for a free web-host? My answer: Lack of funds!

Now when I can see some cash flowing in, I don’t really mind investing some money in my blog. Actually, I had purchased this Premium hosting account from Dreamhost more than a month back. But it was not getting activated as my debit card was not billed correctly. So, I had to use a Credit card of my friend for paying the money and getting my Account activated.

You may not be unaware of the various problems I faced on a Free web-host. Firstly, My database used to get deleted after each week! And it used to get restored too, after a day or two. I know how fear used to creep inside me when I used to see the “Error establishing Database connection” message on the Homepage of my blog.

If this was not enough, it once happened that the “wp_posts” table of my Database got corrupted. This is the most important table of the WordPress database as it contains all the Articles you have written on your blog. I was about to faint when I came to know about this. Thankfully, Piyush helped me with the problem.

Also, the Free web-host dint allow me to host RAR and ZIP files for my readers to Download. It used to redirect to some promotional offer when they clicked on the link. Also, A warning on some pages would be shown that some of the features have been disabled because the Website is using Free Web-hosting. You can also refer to the SEO disadvantages because of using a free Web-Host.

I hope that Dreamhost does not give me any such problems and if I make the desired progress, the day is not far when Tech-Freak Stuff will be hosted on its own Private Server.

I have shifted successfully to Dreamhost premium hosting keeping all the factors related to SEO in my mind. I have done the necessary changes in the “Preferred Domain” option in the Webmaster tools [You can observe that now my domain name is no longer, it is changed to]

I just hope that you guys learn from my experience if you are still hosted on a free web-host. Make the move to a premium hosting and a professional website design as soon as possible! Just don’t wait till something really bad hurts your Website or Blog. To get discount on Dreamhost hosting accounts you may use the Discount Coupon code TFS70 . You will get a 50$ discount when you purchase any hosting from Dreamhost and also a Domain Name registration of any domain you want for One year. [This is the Maximum discount which Dreamhost normally offers, don’t be fooled by anyone if they try to offer you some added discounts]
premium web-hosting server
Now its high time I start posting cool stuff consistently here. I am looking forward to your support and increased participation. Thanks and Lots of love!

  • Ksbnok

    Congrats man Its good know that u shifted to Dreamhost did u face ne problem while shifting to dreamhost n how much time it took 4 u to completely shift ur database from byethost to dreamhost n wat process u followed..plz explain in brief Congrats once again :)

  • gr8bloggerman

    @ksbnok: No problem as such! You just need to backup your Wp-content files and your WordPress Database. Then Install wordpress on your new host and then Upload these two things..Not a big thing..It dint took more than 4 hours considering all the DNS changes to propagate..

  • MostlyBlog

    congratulation buddy dreamhost is one of the best host available in market.

  • Dawn Pace

    Yikes, free hosting? I would have been nervous too! Premium is definitely the way to go.

  • Avinash

    Rohit congrats on moving onto the Premium Hosting.Always the best way host professional websites.

  • Agent Deepak

    Intelligent move. Premium hosting will help you in good ways.

  • S.Pradeep Kumar

    That’s a great news mate.. all the best! :)

    Currently using GoDaddy, but not that much satisfied.. !

  • SaurabhStar

    Nice.. You moved to premium hosting. I was surprised to know that you were going with free hosting until now.

  • ksbnok

    @Rohit cool man generally ppl face lots of problems while shifting their DB from one host to another

  • Paritosh

    Free hosting has a whole lot of disadvantages than it appear’s to be. I too shifted from free hosting to premium 3 months back.

  • George Serradinho

    I also had issues with my hosting company with my DB got messed and my blog was down for a few days. I had to use an old DB backup, but lost many comments, replies and trackbacks.

    I am also thinking of moving, still debating as I have had 3 problems so far with the company.

  • Pubudu Kodikara

    Good choice bro…. its a wise decision! 😀

  • Simran

    Congrats dude

  • Raj@techlooks

    Hi, This is rajesh, i have problem related theme loading because, when the site loads some back color is displayed in side bar, may be its background color of theme. so please make to load java script at last to over come this problem. And one more thing you can use thesis, so we can over come this seo problem.