5 features of Ubuntu Linux which I miss in Windows

ubuntu_linux_logo I have been using Ubuntu Linux for quite some time now and I am amazed at its working! How can this great piece of work be distributed without any money charged? Anyway, I am happy that I am able to use this Operating System with no worries of Viruses. Also, being able to use Linux Terminal and The VI editor for shell scripting is tough for the starters, but once you are used to it, its real fun. I think UBUNTU is rightly called “Linux for Human Beings”.

Everything Open Source and FREE

Ubuntu Linux is an Open Source Software which is completely free. You don’t need to pay a single Penny to use Ubuntu. Just order the CD for free [free shipping too] or Download the entire OS online and just Install. Also, you can modify the source code and design your own Cool Linux without paying any royalty.

Ubuntu Software Center

ubuntu-Software-center It is just so cool! You just need to type the name or Function or the Software you want to Download. It searches within the OS weather an Open Source Software alternative is available. After you select any open source software from the list, that software will be Downloaded and Installed automatically. No need to visit the Software website for downloading it, but if the software is not available in the list you will have to use the normal method [but this will be a rare case with Ubuntu]

Inbuilt FireFox Web Browser, Open Office and GIMP Photo Editor

FireFox, GIMP and Open Office which are among the biggest open Source softwares are inbuilt by default. No need to specially download them. GIMP is a far more better Image editor than MS Paint. Open Office is the Best Alternative to MS Office, and Do I need to say anything for comparing Internet Explorer and Firefox?

Virtual Workspaces

Ubuntu-virtual-workspaces Ubuntu supports up to 16 Virtual Workspaces which are located in the lower right corner of your screen by default. You can shift any program form one workspace to another with ease. This helps to unclutter the desktop and Also to hide any working process if you don’t want anyone to know about it.

Comparatively Virus-Free as compared to Windows

I don’t really want to talk about Viruses for Windows! There are billions of those. But Ubuntu Linux being a Free OS, people don’t really get paid for making viruses. Also, viruses for Windows are mostly made on Linux! According to the latest statistics, there are just a few more than 1000 viruses/malwares for Linux. I hope you know that this is a very low figure and the chance of your Computer getting affected by it is negligible, so there are just a few Antivirus software for Linux, but most people don’t feel the need to use them.

  • http://agentdeepak.com/ Agent Deepak

    I love Open Office Myself. I love IE. Firefox is good but I rarely use it.

    I have no idea about the Virtual Spaces. I use Ubuntu and Linux in College for only programing.

  • http://www.techcats.net/ Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    I do agree with you. There is no need of special discussion for viruses windows.. every windows user is the victim of it.. Ubuntu seems to be good but I think Fedora, Open SUSE is much better..

  • http://inforids.com/ techprism

    Ubuntu, is a great option for those who are putting starting steps for using Linux.

    Its simple & Thats why very much used. Thanks for posting some nice features.

  • http://www.hackingtrick.com Ajeet

    I use open SUSE and i really love it.

  • http://www.techbusy.org/ abhi

    I tried ubuntu when i was in college. But it is great with ample support

  • http://techgenuine.com Ricky

    I use ubuntu in college for programming purpose only otherwise I am happy with my windows system.

  • http://www.bytechip.com Ramkumar

    I read that Ubuntu is going to stop GIMP in their default package in the up coming releases. Im not a big fan of Ubuntu, I love OpenSuse though., I always feel Ubuntu is incomplete. But comparing it with Windows, its much better

  • http://www.neelmoney.com neelmoney

    Currently I am blogging from win XP, Linux it better in security matter but windows is flexible for blogging.Virtually I work with Ubuntu on VMware.

  • http://technascent.com Uttoran Sen

    its quite true that the open source os usually are better protected against the viruses, i have seen lot less virus problems with linux versions,

    however i think we can just pin a program to taskbar and it won’t bother us in windows too, like you mentioned in the Ubuntu, and for firefox, its a must have what every OS you use 😛

  • http://www.songsmarathi.com/blog Ninad

    There are more features which are missing from Microsoft but they are present in LINUX.

    I am a HUGE fan of Linux Operating Systems. Specially the REDHAT and Fedora project.

    Thanks for this article dude…….

  • http://www.socialblogr.com/ Gojeg

    Hi, You missed one thing. The visual effects! Windows doesn’t has Compiz.. :)

  • Rahul

    This seems like a very amateurish article to me. Having Firefox and Open Office built in is not really a cool feature. If I am trying to knock off an OS monopoly, the least I would want to do ship my OS with a web browser and an office suite. Open Office is many development years behind MS Office and it possibly will never even come close.
    By saying that viruses are made on Linux, you’re making it sound like a criminals’ weapon of choice. And you are wrong about Linux being safe from viruses cos its free. Linux is safe because less people use it. Hence its not profitable for hackers to create malware/keyloggers etc for it. As the number of users for Linux increases, so will the security threats.

    I’m an Ubuntu user myself and I don’t have much love for MS. But I really don’t see any merit in the arguments you’re giving here.

  • http://techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @Gojeg: Yeah, I missed compiz.

    @Rahul: You are right, as the people using Linux will increase, then more security threats will arise..I want to bring to your notice, that this article shows the features which I miss in windows. I am not considering what others think about it. Anyway, it was good to hear your thinking and feedback. Thanks!