Gmail finally rolls out Default HTTPS for everyone

It is always advised that you use the Secured protocol while accessing Confidential data. It must be understood that HTTP is not a secured protocol in its own. But HTTPS which is a Secured form of HTTP protocol encrypts your Data while it is transferred from your Client Machine to the Web Server. So if any Third-party malicious user interrupts in your connection then the encrypted data remains secure and cannot be recovered.

Till yesterday, Gmail was allowing users to use the HTTP or HTTPS as the default protocol for accessing Google Mails from their machines. But from now on Google is rolling out default HTTPS for everyone. If you’ve previously set your own https preference from Gmail Settings Link(top right corner) nothing will change for your account. Google Apps users whose Admins have not already defaulted their entire domains to HTTPS will have the same option.

If you are very much scared of your Gmail Account being hacked, then, to your relief let me tell you that Google always encrypts your Username and Password at the login page.

The total HTTPS connection will just ensure that none of the conversation between the GMail servers and your PC will be unencrypted. So, you can be relaxed!

Gmail has always been bringing about great stuff for GMail users like the various Lab Features, Security tips, Secure Password Creation techniques, etc, All this has resulted in GMail overtaking Yahoo as the most used Emailing service.

  • Pubudu Kodikara

    I always use HTTPS for my gmail, so nothing to worry about it 😀

  • Bangaloreloka

    NO preference set previously. So, I guess everything is fine :)

    And, I am sure whatever they are doing is evil 😀 lol..

  • Agent Deepak

    Just logged into my gmail. Its HTTPS. Relief.

  • Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    I will always use HTTPS protocol for gmail.. This is the safest way and ensures security.. :)

  • Uttoran Sen

    its a welcome change, this will surely help a lot of people from getting their ids hacked,

  • MostlyBlog

    i am also using HTTPS protocol for gmail, and i think we all have to remember this kind of things, even at the time of using paypal we also have to check the HTTPS protocols

  • Ninad

    Yes you are right my friend,

    It is the safest way to use HTTPS, It is more secured than HTTP. Thus most of the websites like google,yahoo,msn,hotmail,rediff and etc. have started using this protocol.