How to Make your Blog/Website more User-Friendly?

user-friendly-websiteBeing a casual web surfer, I come across many irritating websites! I try my best to identify their errors and don’t repeat their mistakes. After all, it is my duty to provide my visitors with a pleasant experience on my Blog. So today, I would like to share with you a few things which can help you make your blog/website a little more User-Friendly.

Proper Navigation Options

Create proper Navigation options which can be used easily. Avoid using Drop down lists and other Complicated stuff which may confuse your Visitors. The general rule of thumb is that any page on your site should be reachable with 2 clicks from your home page. So, let all your pages be accessible easily.

Site Search Facility

For proper navigation, it is good to give your readers a chance to find whatever they want. Allow them to Search your website using a Site search option or a Custom Google search which indexes your entire website. This will help them find the Content of their choice easily without any hassles.

Administrator’s Contact Details

Your readers may face some problems while accessing your website, or it may happen that they want to tell you something. Many a times, your readers may give you some constructive criticism, some good suggestions or show you some small mistakes. It is good to have the Administrator‘s contact details on the Contact page of your website so that users can contact you easily.

Neat and Uncluttered Web-Design

complications are not User friendlyColors which you use for your Website design do matter a lot! It is not advised to use Bright colors for background. No one would like to visit a website which has Bright Bloody Red color as its background. Your content should me in a clearly visible font with proper size. Other elements should be arranges in an Uncluttered way and it should not appear that you are desperately trying to put all your information in one place. All independent information must be clearly differentiable.

Proper Categorization of Pages

user-friendly-blogDo not categorize your Web-pages in wrong or inappropriate categories. No one will like to search a “WordPress” related post in the “Blogging” category. It may happen that a visitor may have come to your website only because you write some particular articles very well. But if he is not able to find it in a particular category, he may not really bother to find it unless he is desperately needing it.

Adequate Bookmarking Options

In today’s world, people like to share what they find. They want to share Cool Articles on Social Bookmarking or Social Networking Websites. But, if you don’t have any option to share this articles, your readers may find it difficult. Remember, that if your readers don’t share your articles then it is indirectly your loss as you may lose some traffic.

Easy to use Comments Area

user-friendly-clothesYour readers want to comment on your Articles. But Not if it takes a lot of time or if the process is complicated. Keeps the process simple! Have a minimum number of input fields possible. It may also happen that your readers want to ask you something related to your article, so they may comment on it. But if you don’t have a Comment Subscription facility, they wont get your replies unless they visit your article again. Keep in mind, that conversation between your readers is most important for the healthy growth of your website.

Appropriate linking to other Web-pages

It is being noticed that many Bloggers link their web-pages wrongly. Ask yourself, will you like if you are taken to some random website after searching for some particular keywords which are in no way related to it. It is irritating! I think even I may do this mistake, so I use “title” tags for my links. It gives me better SEO and helps my readers too.

Fast page loading

Tell me frankly, Will you visit a website which takes more than a 30 seconds to load. In this fast paced world, people are impatient and you should value their time. Use better Servers and reduce the use of Flash and other Content which makes your Web-Page slower to load. Having a lot of JavaScript Advertisements also slows down the loading of any website.

You must remember, that the easier you make the task for your readers, the happier they will be and more love you will get from them. Also, its not a very difficult thing to observe such small tips. So, help your readers and they will help you!

  • ksbnok

    ya ur rit page loading is also on of d important factors… d author of a blog should have clear understanding of the type of image format they use…

    FOR EXAMPLE : .png files take more time to load while .jpg takes less time so for a normal pic .jpg is a better option but in case u want to post a pic that has something written over it .png is d better option…

  • Namit Gupta

    Genuine Points, each blogger should focus on these things.

    I think you missed one thing “Subscription Options” like rss feeds, email-newsletter,…, if any reader want to subscribe to blog, the subscription options must be easily accessible.

  • Sushant @ Techooze

    Those are some nice highlighted points.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Namit: yeah man, Subscription options are a must. Just missed that point!

  • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

    You didnt left any point … you had mentioned all the points
    Good list..

  • Agent Deepak

    @ksbnok – Is that true? Why PNG takes more time than JPG? If you are telling PNG are larger files then there are ways by which you can create a PNG file which will be smaller in size than JPG but better in quality.

    Rohit Love the post and good use of images in this post.

    One tip from me – To decrease load time use Cache Plugins or use Gzip or similar compression. Gzip compression compress a page upto 75%.

  • Anne

    Some good points there. Also, to make your blog more comment-friendly, I suggest adding Comluv (hint hint 😉 ).

  • Arafat Hossain Piyada

    Nice point to follow. Another two thing I don’t want to see as visitor 1. Poor grammar and countless spelling mistake and 2. Don’t show my link on comment. :)

  • ksbnok

    @Agent Deepak Hi! .png images have higher quality when compared to .jpg only at the cost of higher size they have n am sorry may be I don’t know of newayz that can lower the size & even than give u a high quality .png pic

    Newayz : plz read this friend may be u r rite…

    cheers :)

  • Rohit Sane

    @Anne: ComLuv is for the happiness of the commenter, but it does not better their experience on your blog. Anyway, it is good for attracting comments.

    @Arafat: Poor Grammar is a real turn Off and not linking to comments is also bad. My comments are Do-Follow, So you will get a link back only after you post 3 or more comments.

  • Rohit Sane

    @KSBNOK: Thanks for sharing this useful post with us. Good way to make your point clear..Proof!

  • Loveish

    Great Article mate, you are rite a website should be user friendly so that it will be easy for users to surf the site

  • Udegbunam Chukwudi

    I have noticed that adsense tends to slow things down a bit when it appears before the post so when I reactivate my account,
    I’ll be moving the adsense to a spot after the post and in the top area of the sidebar. Of course doing this is taking in consideration those on a slow internet connection. Broadband fellows aren’t hampered by adsense in the top of blog posts.

    It’s preferable you leave a contact form instead of your email on the admin contact page. You don’t want to expose your email to loads of spam unless you’ve got Boxbe installed.

  • Gabe |

    Good list! Now if only bloggers followed these steps.

    Sadly, usability is far from many bloggers’ minds when they start one up.

  • Olusegun

    Great list.
    It’s amazing what some things you don’t know can cost you. Thanks again.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Udegbunam Chukwudi: I prefer the Admin email in the contact page. Many people get confused with the Contact forms. I somehow manage spam mails….


    Hey Dude…

    Nice list of tips..Thanks for sharing :)

  • George Serradinho

    I have been testing a few things on my site to make it load faster. At this stage I have very few details in my sidebar, but my footer is packed and I think it’s a bit better.

    I also read that minimizing my widgets is better, so I actually hard coded the functions in my footer. At this stage i just have 4 widgets and the rest is using functions.

    I like drop down menu’s as it saves space and you can make things a lot better.

  • Shekhar Sahu

    Removing captcha is also user friendly.

  • SaurabhStar

    Nice list :) Color-look of webpage matters a lot also. The page speed and readers friendly language.

  • Ching Ya

    Very good guide to have us review our own page and do something about it. It’s hard to reach a complete satisfaction but some basic requirements such as speed, contact details and easy navigation from one page to another. ^^ Good job and I’ll be tweeting & stumbling this.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  • Julius Kuhn-Regnier

    great list. All of the things you’ve mentioned are very important for a successful web site. I think I applied most of it on my blog though.

  • Rohit Sane

    @George: its good that you have altered the look of your blog to some extent. It is loading faster now. Also, the drop down category menus are working pretty well.

    @All: Thanks for your inputs and praise.

  • Abe Samir

    Great tips, I’ve been dabbling with a blog for a while, just having a hard time with the look and feel of it.

  • Varinder Pal Singh

    Great tip and I think if we use our original details in our blog we have build relationship. Thanks for the great post.

  • Alec Deacon

    I’ve used all your advices. All I have to do now is add contact details and hopefully my blog will start getting some attention.

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