Pleasant Memories, Top Posts of 2009 and Goals for 2010

2009 is gone and we have ushered into 2010, but I just don’t want to let go some pleasant memories of 2009. It was the year when Tech-Freak Stuff really got its face in the Blogosphere. Earlier, it was just another blog with content which people would find on Search Engines. But now, people come to check out what New this blog has to offer and the way in which it is presented.

Some pleasant Memories of 2009

Tech-Freak Stuff got its First Page Rank. It was a PR 1. But still the NEWS that my Blog had a PR finally got me serious into blogging.

I started winning contests organised by various Bloggers. Agent Deepak, had organised different contests on his blog and I was winning most of those. My luck was on a real high. Also, I won another contest organised by Farrhad which gave me two hosting licenses and 2 free domain names.

I finally decided to move to WordPress! Different Blogger friends started suggesting me to move to WordPress as they so that my Blog had good content but I was not optimising it properly. Under the able guidance and continued help from WordPress champ Shashak Mishra, I migrated from Blogger to wordpress. Shashank has designed this cool looking theme for me! But, one thing happened was that My PR reduced to 0.

I pushed the pedal on SEO. I knew that WordPress as a CMS was already optimised for SEO, but I started giving in more and more. My continued efforts paid off later.

Tech-Freak Stuff Became a Do-Follow blog on the occasion of Friendship day. I always wanted to gift something to my valuable readers, and I found Friendship day as a perfect occasion of converting my Blog to a Do-Follow one.

Traffic started increasing and my Visitors started commenting like crazy! Traffic had literally doubled after I moved to wordpress. I was getting positive vibes as My Alexa rank was also increasing at a Good rate. There were days when Social BookMarking websites like Stumble Upon send me 1500 visitors per day for about 3-4 days.

I thought it was the correct time to make my mark in the Social Media Scene. I started using FaceBook and Twitter for Blog promotion. These Networks really helped me get valuable advice from other Geniuses in this field. Also, the discussions regarding the quality of my Blog started coming up and getting good reviews made me real happy.

Tech-Freak Stuff got a Page Rank hike 2 just around the same time when Google created 3 Sitelinks for the Blog. This was really fantastic News for me as my blog had got a PR hike of 2 (along with 3 Sitelinks) just within 3 months of shifting from Blogger to WordPress.

One the very occasion of my Birthday, Google gifted me one more thing! The sitelinks were increased from 3 to 5. I was just not able to understand how to thank Google for such a cool gift. Within just 20 days of this, TFS got the maximum number of sitelinks Google gives to any Website[which is 8]. This was when people really started Mailing me for Link Exchanges and SEO services. I am going to start some services soon.

And with various my Articles getting published on Various Blog Networks, 2009 came to its slow end. I wont ever forget this year as it really helped establish Tech-Freak Stuff as an identity in itself.

Top Posts of 2009

I am not going to give you a long list or the entire round-up of posts here. I am just going to mention a handful of posts which got good attention from my Visitors.

Free UnLimited Internet on PC via Mobile Phones with BPL/LOOP WAP service

10 Reasons why Geeks Make Better BoyFriends

This post attracted eyeballs on Social BookMarking sites. And it will always stay close to my heart because my best friend had contributed to it.

How to Detect Invisible and Offline People in FaceBook chat

How to Convert your iTouch into and iPhone 3G for Free

How to Send Anonymous Emails without Email account

Create Undeletable Invisible Folder with No Name

Play pranks with Mobile phone Calls and SMS messages

Valuable tips on “How to Impress a Geek guy?”

Everything you need to know about handling Encrypted codes in WordPress themes

Create Page-Flipping Effect for Web-pages & Brochures

The most Hilarious and Geeky Emails regarding WOMEN

It is to be noted that I have not mentioned my recent Posts here, but there are really attracting a lot of traffic.

Goals for 2010

I am going to keep this short! Only 4 goals.
1. Making atleast 5000$ from the Internet. Notice that I am saying Internet not just blogging. I am planning to earn my living on the Internet so that I don’t need to look out for any job after my Engineering.

2. Average of about 100,000 pageviews per month. It appears to be a daunting task, but I am determined to achieve it. Lets see how it all works out!

3. Creating my Image as an SEO expert and getting a PageRank of Atleast 4. (I am going to move to a premium hosting in a week’s time)

4. Handling my personal as well as Professional life at its best and finding the proper balance. I don’t want to neglect anything and want to concentrate on every important aspect of my life.

Now, what do you think about my plan? Any suggestions?

  • Bangaloreloka

    I have so much to say but it’s 2am but I don’t want to leave the site without commenting..

    This post pretty much sums up your whole blogging career months.. never knew you got 8 sitelinks and that’s indeed an achievement.

    And regarding your plans are you looking to make 5000$ on the whole year? You would definitely make it :)

    I guess we are going in the same path.. wish you luck!

  • Ricky

    You have some goals. Getting 1lakh pageview is a tough task. Hey if you need any help regarding web hosting then let me know. I can provide you the best and cheapest web host.

  • chandan

    Your goal is really admirable and your expectation of earning is also really good. For me also as I am a full time blogger I also want to make a good living by blogging and want to bring one reputation within the blogsphere.

  • Agent Deepak

    Good Luck Rohit. I hope you get your goals. I also want to make a good earning from Internet.

    And thanks for giving me a mention in the post. By the way a new contest is on the way (coming soon). Do not forget to participate.

  • blinkky

    You’ve been reward for your hard work…Keep it, maybe you can change into next level =)

  • shivaraj

    May all your goals complete in time. all the best :)

  • Rohit Sane

    Thanks everyone for your good wishes!

  • Sushant @ techooze

    The geeky boyfriend post is surely eye catching headline. Best wishes for your blog success in 2010

  • Anish K.S

    Better luck to achieve the goals.

  • Sahil Kotak

    Hope 2010 will be much better then 2009 for your blog :)

  • Ruchi

    Wish u lots of success and luck for your blog and life.

  • Loveish

    Congrats for ur achievements in 2009 and all the best for 2010, i hope you will achieve all ur desired targets in 2010 :)

  • George Serradinho

    Dropping PR when changing to WP is normal, but it should not take to long to get it back. Good luck to you on that matter.

    Good luck to your 2010 goals, hope you achieve them. Get 100,000 page views will be hard for most bloggers, so don’t be to harsh on yourself.

  • Rohit Sane

    @George: yeah..I know it is going to be a tough job and I have not yet started my work in full swing, but I still believe efforts will make it possible.

  • Uttoran Sen

    some very nice goals, setting up targets always helps to know how you are progressing, something that you can look back throughout the year and make sure you are moving forewords at a good rate.

    I like your idea of becoming a seo expert, the real money is in the services, wish you all the luck in becoming a good seo expert and having a lot of clients, also good to know that you want to live of internet and don’t want to join a job. There is no higher satisfaction of having your own company and working there as a boss, hope you become a big online entrepreneur in the future,

  • Marikxon Manurung

    Hi Dude, it’s the first time I get here
    My opinion about your goals in 2010:
    point 2 – 4 I like it, but point 1 I really love it :) It seems you was making a lot of money online. Good for you, hope you get your goals soon.

  • Ching Ya

    I think the good thing about looking back is learn to be appreciative, discovering the success and failures that brought us here today. :-) I’m happy for your achievements, you’ve came a long way and I wish you a greater success in 2010. All the best! Most of all, enjoy blogging!

    Social/Blogging Tracker


    good luck for your achievement
    and keep working on it

  • blogs lover

    I hope you achieve your goal of 2010 and think postively for 2011 and work hard to achieve this year goals .best wishes and keep working…