How to Change your Facebook vanity URL username [to get more SEO and Promotional Advantage]

facebook-designer-logoIt has been long since Facebook started allowing Users to have a vanity URLs for their profiles. The suffixes [after***** ] of the Vanity URLs were call the Usernames. These usernames were first supposed to be constant and Facebook dint allow anyone to change these. But after some Trademark infringement issues and inappropriate Usernames were set, Facebook made a small change in this rule and started allowing to change the Usernames [but only once]

How to set your Facebook username

Just login to Facebook and visit this URL. Here, you will be asked for the Username suffix you want in your Facebook vanity URL.
You don’t need to worry about the people visiting your profile as they will be automatically transferred to your new Vanity URL. Just keep in mind that you are supposed to use only “.” marks and Alpha Numeric characters in this field.
Tip: Keep this username as your Name or your Promotional keyword or your Brand name for Promotional purpose and SEO advantage.

  • You can observe my User Profile URL as, so my username is Rohit.Sane.techfreakstuff.
  • Also, the Fan Page of Tech-Freak Stuff is using the username TechFreakStuff, so its URL becomes

How to Change your Existing Vanity URL Username

It may happen that you are already using a username of your choice but you feel the need to change it, because you come to know about some mistakes in selecting that name. So here is how to go about it. Remember that you can do this only once!
Login to your facebook account and visit this URL. You will see something like the Screenshot below:
facebook vanity URL username change
Now click on the change option as shown in the screenshot and check for the available Usernames.
facebook username change
You may select anyone, but remember that this will be your permanent one. You won’t be able to change it again in future, so think twice before confirming.

Note: I was out of town for 10 days, so was not able to update my blog properly. You will get to see timely updates from now on. Thanks for understanding!

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    I already knew how to set up a Custom URL structure. But thanks for making me aware about changing it. I though it cannnot be changed ever.

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    If you change a profile’s vanity URL, is that former URL then freed up for use on a business page?

    I want to switch the URL on my personal profile to my business’s page, but don’t want to make the change to the profile URL if that would then render the URL un-usable.

    Thanks! Great post.

  • julia

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    The changed username IS freed up when you make the change. I tried it out on another account and it worked.

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    Hi. I’m trying to change my biz page username, but that link is making me continue as my regular FB profile page. I’m having this problem where when you’re logged out of FB, my biz page URL is linking directly to the FB login page instead of my page being visible like other biz pages. I have checked all the settings, and it should be visible. Someone suggested that since the page is Artful Balance and the URL is, that could be causing my default Welcome page to not link correctly. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as people are having a hard time finding my biz on FB…


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