Some cool valentine day gifts for your Geek Boyfriend

valentines-dayValentine’s day is round the corner and its high time you start preparing for gifting your loved one’s, something special on this lovely occasion. I know gifting may be quite tricky, so just to help you out a little bit, I am going to help you for selecting a gift for your Geek Boyfriend. I am going to classify the gifts into three categories based on your budget, Expensive, Mid-Range and Inexpensive.


Macbook Air

This is a gadget which every Geek dreams of! The slimmest Notebook on the Planet with Apple Snow Leopard Operating System. It can’t get better than this unless your Boyfriend already owns it!

Google Nexus One

google-nexus-oneGoogle has come out with its long awaited Google Phone naming it as Google Nexus One. It is equipped with Google’s own Android Operating System which makes it a killer gift!

Mobile phone

I am going to keep this simple. It may happen that he is wishing to get a good Cell phone but is postponing it since long. You can actually gift him a cool Blackberry, Motorola DROID, or even a Nokia Smart phone.

Apple iPad

If you can get your Geek to hold on for a month for his gift than Apple iPad is what he will want! Apple is going to start shipping the iPad in mid-March, but it is surely worth the wait. After all, it is an Apple product man!

Digital Camera

If he is into photography or is interested in taking pictures, this may be a perfect gift! Digital cameras from SONY, Nikon, Olympus, Cannon, etc are supposed to be good.

iPhone or iTouch

I don’t need to describe these. But, I would just like to advice that if you are gifting and iPhone make it a point that it is an iPhone 3GS. Don’t get the older iPhone 3G!

PS3, PSP, XBOX 360, Wii

These are Gaming Consoles. If he is into Gaming, its possible that he already owns some of these. You may ask him which he wants and then decide on this.

Mid-range Gifts

Cool keyboard

Gamers need a special keyboard for easy access to all the functions. So, if your guy is Gamer, then he is going to love it. Also, non-gamers love cool Keyboards which make their task easier are a simple to use.
Recently a Google Product named G-Board has come out. It is also a good gadget to gift your Internet Geek!

Gaming or Multitasking Mouse

There a many Mice available which are specially made for doing particular tasks, like Gaming, Internet surfing, Graphic designing, etc. You may select the one which your darling would love.

Geek T-shirt

geek_tshirt_love_poemGeek T-Shirts have been a gifting idea for geeks since a long time now and they work every time. So, if you don’t want to take any chances then it a perfect gift! You get a lot of T-Shirts with Geeky Quotes and lovely poems too.

A Watch

A watch is supposed to be a great gift even now. But you need to decide on which one will your guy like depending on his personality, being Sporty, Sexy, Cool, or Formal.

Domain names or Hosting packages

If he is into Internet marketing, Web Designing or Web Development, He is going to love this! And, if you buy him a Media Temple private server for One year, he can’t be happier.

USB hard drive

Geeks have a lot of things to store in their Hard drives. So a USB hard drive with a lot of Storage capacity is a good thing to gift these days!

InExpensive Gifts

Cool Headphones

For your Music loving geek this may be a good inexpensive gift!

A good pen

There is very rare chance that your Geek is going to use a Pen when he already has a Laptop, but a classy pen will surely make him understand how much you respect him!

A mouse pad

A big Mouse pad is every Gamers dream and a one with some cool logos on it will also make a cool gift.

Laptop bag, Cellphone cover

Geeks love to handle their Gadgets with care as they are deeply in love with them. If you gift your geek with a Laptop case or a Cell phone accessory, he is surely gonna be happy.

A stylish Pen-drive

heart pen-driveThis is just the cheaper version of a USB hard-drive. If you cannot afford a Hard drive then you may gift him a Pen Drive which look really classy or with his name embossed on it or with your love sign embossed on it!

A good Ebook

Geeks love knowledgeable gifts. They wont be interested in having rounds of Tequila one after another. Rather, they would love to read and Ebook which interests them.

Free gifts

It may happen that you wish to gift your boyfriend with a creative and a free gift which will not take a toll of your Pocket Money and also be Romantic at the same time. Don’t worry, I am going to give some Romantic ideas for this valentine’s day in my coming posts! Stay tuned.

  • Navin Israni

    Domain names or Hosting packages as gift? yeah..LOL..!!

  • Scott DeSmet

    The real designer gift is hosting of course!


    Scott DeSmet
    (mt) Media Temple

  • archana

    hey Rohit…i know you must have required a lot of time to come up with such an interesting post… but i am sorry to say with so many options listed above . you have really confused to what to gift my bf… i guess i have to spend some time thinking and come up with the best gift for my bf…thank you for also mentioning some beautiful gifts that i can gift my lover and which never stricked my mind.

    p.s. i guess i will end up by gifting a stylish pen-drive with his name embossed on it…lolz Happy v’day.. in advance..

  • apurva

    that was one gr8 post man!
    i wud lik to knw wht ur going to gift ur gf?
    is she lik u?
    do u hav 1?
    lolzz dont mind the q; i really enjoyed reading this post…

  • S.Pradeep Kumar

    Too bad Girls are not tooo Tech Savy.. 😀

  • Agent Deepak

    No Girlfriend. I want to cry.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Deepak: Better luck for next Valentine’s day! lol

  • Rohit Sane

    @archana: Its a good idea if you are on a low budget! Just take care than the USB drive has a good finish. Happy V’Day in advance!

  • George Serradinho

    Wow, an macbook air would be nice. I guess I need to find a rich girlfriend quick as there are just a few days left, lol.

    Some nice gifts, but being practical and creative is better than spending so much money.

  • Ching Ya

    Macbook Air, I think anyone will be thrilled to get that. Hope everyone can get what they hoped for. No matter what, it’s the heart that counts. ^^ (I wonder how many have forwarded this post to their girlfriends. lol.. )

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  • Rohit Sane

    @George: You are correct. Being practical is more important! No-one must burn holes in their pockets just to make their partners happy!

    @Ching Ya: Lets see how many forward this to their girlfriends!

  • TechChunks

    How about a domain name consisting of both of your names that is registered for next decade? 😉

  • Rohit Sane

    @TechChunks: Brilliant as well as a romantic idea. I love it!

  • White Color

    I would like if my girlfriend loves me a lot and stays with me always. It will be the greatest gift of my life!

  • Loveish

    Thats really a nice list :)
    i wish my gf gift me something like this on this valentines day :)

  • shekhar sahu

    How about a DSLR?

  • Rohit Sane

    @Shekhar: I have mentioned Digital Cameras!

  • Rohit Langde

    But No Girlfriend here, I will take it as a wishlist, what say Rohit?

  • Rohit Sane

    @Rohit: Yeah! pretty demanding wishlist buddy!

  • Krishna

    Awesome… but quite expensive gifts !! :) Can Be expected From Boys 😛 Not from Girls…:P