Make your BoyFriend/GirlFriend feel special on Valentine’s day!

love-heartI know I am quite late for writing this post, but half of the world has not even started celebrating the Valentine’s day [America is 11 hours behind India] and the day is still half remaining in the other half of the world! I don’t know where this sentence came from but, there are a lot of HALF’s in it. And, today is undoubtedly your “better half’s” day! So, how are you planning to make your better half i.e. Boyfriend/Girlfriend or your Partner feel special in a truly romantic yet exciting way? Two cents from my side…

A Romantic Long Drive

This is the best place where you will get privacy and no one will be disturbing you. You can have a romantic chat while driving with your partner and spend some very good quality time together!

Make food for your partner

Your partner will be happy if you do something special for him/her. If you cook their favorite delicacy, they will really feel special that you remember it and made it for them with your own hands. Note: If you are pathetic at cooking then you can buy it for them and treat them.

Lunch or Dinner together

A quite lunch along the riverside or a romantic Candle Light dinner is what today is meant for. Spend some really nice time together, but remember that most places will be crowded today because most couples follow this tip.

A sweet lunch/dinner together at Home

If you want to spend some peaceful quality time together, then Home is the perfect place! You can order food from any restaurant or you both can together make food [it will be real fun, believe me]. You will really have a nice time sorting different jobs and yet having a nice time!

A romantic date

There are so many options for a romantic date! Watch a movie, visit the place where you first dated, behave like you just made best friends or just roam about hand-in-hand. You will get a time out of your hectic lifestyle and also some free time with your partner.


Give them gifts which they will remember for a long time. Take some tips for gifting Geeks. Jewellery’s for Girls is the most obvious choice of everyone, but try to gift something creative. Be different, it will be appreciated!

Gift your own creating

Painting a nice picture or writing a Romantic Poem for your partner are some good suggestions. They work most of the time. Making a greeting card all by yourself using all your creative brains is also a good idea.

Free Gifts

I promised you guys that I will tell you about some free gifts. You can find some really good wallpapers online or some really romantic E-Cards at some websites. These will make best gifts if your partner is away from you today!

You can have a sweet chat with your partner using SMS‘s, some spicy and Romantic messages will only make it better. And don’t do this dumbest mistake: “Don’t forget to wish each other Happy Valentine’s Day

Express your Love with Hugs and Kisses

Don’t forget that Hugs and Kisses are the best ways to express your love and think of creative ideas to say “I love you”. This will surely spice up and give a pleasant feel to the atmosphere!

I still have a lot to say, but if I keep thinking then I will surely waste some valuable time of your Valentine’s day.. So go ahead and have some really great time. Happy Valentine’s day to everyone!

  • Agent Deepak

    Hey Rohit do you have a GF? You write a lot about love. You seem very romantic guy.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Agent Deepak: Just try to recollect one of my comments on Greatest reviews! You will get the answer to your

  • Annu

    i tried making heart-shaped chapatis during our 14-day valentine celebration. it sounds kiddish but when it’s served with a tasty sabzi and lots of love, trust me it’s a great surprise.
    another idea, i played quite a few ps2 games with him! and we both enjoyed it a lot!

    btw, liked ur site. discovered at blogcamp attendee list

  • Rohit Sane

    @Annu: I hope to see you at the BlogCamp!
    And making heart-shaped Chapatis is a really brilliant romantic idea!

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  • Walter Steel

    Just read your post! It could’ve been better if I read it before the valentine’s day but oh well, there’s always next year. And I like to make it more special for my wife. I might try cooking her favorite food. She cooks so well and want to give her a break for religiously cooking for us every single day.