WordPress Application for Nokia S60 and Meamo platforms under development

You may have heard about updating your blog through your Mobile phone. Did you like that Idea? Many users of WordPress are already doing it pretty easily especially the ones who own an iPhone, a Blackberry or a Google Android phone. This was possible only because WordPress released the official applications for Android and BlackBerry.

Wordpress-mobile-logoBut understand the fact that Nokia is the largest Mobile phone Producer in the world and its flagship S60 operating system doesn’t yet have a WordPress application designed for it. I think WordPress has finally realized its mistake for taking so long to develop an Application for Nokia S60 OS. We have also heard about the Nokia Meamo platform which is expected to be the successor of the S60 Operating System platform. WordPress is developing an Application for it too.

The Qt framework is used to built this application which means that it will be able to support both the S60 and Maemo platforms. The early Alpha built of this App is almost ready so Testers and Developers can help the WordPress team with their inputs and find bugs.

The beta testing of this App is going to start within a nest few weeks. I just hope that this App makes it easy to access the WordPress blogging platform for a vast community of Nokia Phone users.

  • http://www.techvorm.com Paritosh

    I sometimes do blogging from mobile itself. And instead of using any dedicated application i directly access the dashboard. I don’t really think there is a requirement for such an application if you possess a smartphone.

  • http://agentdeepak.com/ Agent Deepak

    I am not much a mobile person but I will surely appreciate this.

  • http://eblogtip.com/ Tinh

    Is Nokia E63 compatible with this?

  • http://www.techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @Paritosh: I think it will surely make it easier even for Smartphones, if you use a dedicated WordPress Application. Lets see how it turns out to be!

    @Tinh: I think it will surely be compatible, but the WordPress app is yet to be released. We can know it only after it makes it release!

  • http://www.whitecolor.info White Color

    I think wordpress application will surely help all the Symbian users to access their WordPress blogs with ease!

  • http://www.technoskillonline.com sudharsan @ technoskillonline

    I wont use mobile always but this is nice to share

  • Pemba

    I am a religious user of nokia phone and a blogger too. Not this apps will surely help me keep my blogs updated.
    Thanks for the great info.