Why I use 2 WordPress plugins for Retweet Button on my blog

Twitter is fast becoming the center for Businesses promotion and Targeting the users. Marketers are not leaving any stone unturned to do solid publicity about their Product on Twitter. In this age, it is most important to market your Blog properly on twitter and get the most out of it. It is very essential for the proper growth of your blog on the Social Media Scene.

You can use various Twitter ReTweet plugins on your WordPress blog to help your visitors share your articles on Twitter. You may have observed that I use Two ReTweet buttons on my blog. Do you know why?

twitter_logo_retweetI recently faced a problem with the Tweetmeme plugin as it was not updating my Twitter Status even when I was retweeting a lot of posts on various blogs using this plugin. So, I started using the Topsy plugin too along with the old Tweetmeme one. The reason why I dint remove the Tweetmeme plugin was, It is the most used Twitter Retweet plugin. Most people are very comfortable using it. So, I am still keeping the Topsy plugin if in-case that Tweetmeme stops working anytime.

Note: Tweetmeme Button was not working for sometime on All the blogs because there was some maintenance work going on as a small bug was being corrected.

Now I am listing for wordpress plugins which basically help your readers to ReTweet the posts on your blog. Most of them give you and option for Selection between different button sizes and Tweet using your username i.e. An @ reply will also be send to the Twitter account you specify in the settings.

TweetMeme Button

The most used WordPress Plugin for Twitter ReTweet function.

Topsy Retweet Button

The second most popular WordPress plugin for the same.

Note: A small difference between the Tweets which the Tweetmeme and the Topsy button send out is that, the Tweetmeme button sends out the tweet with the Title of Post Specified for SEO purposes i.e. The title you specify in the All in One SEO pack. The Topsy button sends out the tweet with Title specified in your Blog post.

Retweet.com Button

It is the official wordpress plugin from Retweet.com showing number of retweets of a post.

Twitter ReTweet

This plugin supports custom URLs, so it is perfect for Google Analytics Campaign Tracking.

Do let me know which one Plugin you use and Why? I am curious to know the reasons..

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    has adding plugins on your site cause the loading to slow down in anyway?

  • http://www.techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @Mivka: It does, So You must install only necessary plugins.

  • http://thecouponmom.org/ rishi

    thanks for the link , i am gonna use it on my blog , thanks again .

  • http://www.gethow.org Atul Kumar Pandey

    Some of the plugins are out dated please review some of the new plugins from the plugin store of WordPress.