Play Pranks with Shady and Suspicious Email Addresses and URL links

Do you like playing pranks on friends? I am going to give you two online tricks which will drive your friends crazy! Firstly, remember that our pranks can always backfire, So be ready for the worst and to explain everything. So without wasting any more time, lets do it..

1. Creating a Shady Email Address

Go to Shady Email and get yourself a Suspicious Email Address. Remember that all mails sent to this Suspicious Email Address will be forwarded to your original Email address without the knowledge of the person sending you the mails.

You can also directly send Emails to your Friends using this Email address. Just imagine the reaction of your friends when they receive an Email from an Anonymous address like :

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You can also give this Shady and Disposable Email Address to various websites instead of reveling your original email address.

2. Creating a Suspicious URL link

Go to Shady URL and Convert any URL into a Suspicious URL. I just converted into

Just observe that the Shady link in no way appears to redirect to but in fact it does.

Now you know how to create a Suspicious Email Address as well as a Prank and Shady URL. Now combine both these pranks i.e. Send your friend a Suspicious Link through this Shady Email address and just wait for the laughter riot!

Tell me how will you use these pranks to fool and make fun of your friends. I am dying to listen, How you play pranks on your friends!

  • Netchunks

    Ha Ha, Nice trick mate…This will certainly fool my friends

  • Michelle | Envelope Printing

    Haha, thanks too mate! lol I’m actually going to use this one not to be shady but for alternative e-mail addresses. Thanks for the heads up.

  • FreakSmack

    This is the first I’ve heard of shady email, but I do use shady url all the time for blog promotion, you leave a link like this in a comment on a popular blog and every person who reads the comments clicks through to see what it goes to.

  • Kashish Kaushik

    I’m Slim Shady, Yes I’m the Real Shady!

    Lol! Nice thing to Play Prank with Friends :)

  • Vivek


    bit funny it was…!

  • Chethan

    Ho Fo! Images are glittering!

  • Don

    I’m Slim Shady, Yes I’m the Real Shady!

    Lol! Nice thing to Play Prank with Friends :)

  • Akhilesh

    Rohit ! u r really geneous !